What Makes Influencer Marketing &
Video Content One Shot Hit?

Quarantine has changed the rules of the marketing game and brand promotion scenarios. Restrictions and isolation regimes are being lifted or at least significantly weakened around the world but we will feel the consequences of the pandemic for a long time to come. And the marketing segment is no exception here. Most of the trends that formed during the pandemic will not disappear anytime soon. One of such marketing trends is the collaboration of brands with influencers aimed at creating high-performing content. What is special about this type of marketing collaboration? How does it work? And what results does it help to achieve?

Go Online or Go Home

Although the world is gradually removing restrictions, the entertainment industry is still concentrated online. The average time spent by a user at a PC screen per day increases at a high pace, and things are not expected to change. So it is the right time to employ the world wide web as your marketing platform and involve popular people in your promo campaigns.

Among the promotion trends of recent years, influence-marketing occupies a special place. The ROI of this tool is dozens of times higher than that of traditional types of advertising. Its essence lies in the contact of the brand with the target audience through key opinion leaders – influencers. They easily convey the necessary information to the masses due to their authority and a high degree of subscribers’ trust. According to the Hootsuite platform, the volume of the global influencer marketing market by 2022 will be $ 213.63 billion, which is half of the projected global business spending on digital.

The best things about influencer marketing are as follows:

  • Nativeness – advertising naturally fits into the content and does not cause a negative reaction.
  • Targeting – a successful choice of an influencer guarantees effective information delivery and direct contact with your target audience.
  • The attraction of well-refined traffic – as a rule, influencer marketing campaigns move targeted leads from social media channels to the site, where interested potential customers are ready to purchase from you.
  • Fast and informative feedback from the audience – by working with an opinion leader you can easily get useful data about your target audience – from general reaction to specific reviews about a product or service.

Influencer marketing is equally effective for business projects of any format for small online stores to large market players working in different country regions or even continents. In order to achieve the best results, it is important to choose the right concept and format and follow social media trends. In this case, it is worth focusing on the specifics of the proposal, the goals of the advertising campaign, and following the marketing trends.

Digital Video Trends: What Can Influencers Do for You?

Video content is used to increase conversions and sales, build trust, and attract a wide audience. A video can explain just anything. Your customers do not have to read a lot for text to know more about a product or service you offer. By spending a couple of minutes watching a video clip, they will get to know everything. And involving an influencer in video production will make content more entertaining and will increase the “power” of the message you aim to deliver.

How to Use Videos to Increase Sales?

Of course, not all video content performs well. Your videos must be of high quality in order to bring profit. Instead of creating just some video content, make your videos useful and interesting. Choose a catchy title, use tags, and upload your video to resources where it is easy to find it. Take care of the image and sound quality, employ different effects to produce stellar content that catches the attention of your target audience from the very first second. And the following resource will help you with this task.

But all this comes later. First and foremost, it is important to define a goal in order to create a good video. What do you want to achieve: sell a product, increase demand, emphasize exclusivity, or win the client’s trust? Choose a video format that will help you connect with your customers and achieve what you want. The following types of video content work best for online businesses that work in collaboration with an influencer.

  • #1 – Testimonials
    Many customers consider video reviews to be the most important criterion when choosing a product. So videos are a great way to showcase testimonials made by popular people or influencers. Reviews are useful on the condition they do not sell directly but help the prospect make a decision. You shouldn’t advertise a product; you should talk about its advantages and disadvantages, share advice on choosing a product, thoroughly explain all the technical details.
  • #2 – How-to’s
    Useful tips and tricks for using a product perform well. Even if something seems obvious to you, you shouldn’t think that it is obvious to others. There may be something that your potential client may not be aware of. So it is good to ask an influencer to make an intro and produce how-to video content.
  • #3 – Educational Content
    Many people do not want to share useful information for free. And that’s a problem. Free quality content builds brand loyalty. And sooner or later, your audience will wonder if you provide such cool videos for free, then what you offer for the money. Feel free to share useful tips, experiences, and life hacks. Involve influencers in this business, and you will reach impressive results.

Not Savings, But Efficiency Gains

The crisis has shown that the companies that cut their advertising budgets to a minimum have lost their positions. Kantar’s research shows that saving on advertising during a pandemic leads to a 39% decrease in brand awareness. The most effective and viable strategies could boast of those who competently optimized their budget and business processes, translated their advertising activities online, and relied on relevant, trending content. In other words, the secret is not to cut your advertising budget but to make money in a more efficient way. This means that you need to carefully approach the choice of content and search for a blogger (KOL) with a suitable audience. Many companies run the risk of throwing their money down the drain, not understanding how to find the right influencer for advertising.