Why Visual Elements Are Important
In Social Media Marketing

Having a strong social media presence is important for any business to be successful in our modern society. Good social media can move your business forward in a way that’s hard to match through other, more traditional efforts.

Placing ads on social media channels is a proven tool for reaching new audiences, engaging them in your brand, and converting them into paying customers. If you aren’t already doing this, now is the time to start.

It’s important to know, though, that not all social media ads are created equal. Ads with visual elements are more likely to be successful because they are more compelling overall. Strong visuals can go a long way in helping you get the most bang for your visual marketing buck.

Below, we’re sharing a guide on the importance of including compelling visuals in your social media advertising. Read on to learn more, and improve your ads.

Pictures Grab Attention

People are busy, and they have very short attention spans, particularly when they are online. When they’re scrolling through their social media feeds, it can easily become a mindless activity. If your ad is blending it with all the other content, it’s easy for it to get overlooked.

Strong visuals combat that. You want to pair your ad copy with an image that people won’t be able to ignore. That could be a photo, a graphic, or some other design element. Think carefully about how the image will appear on the particular social media channel, and chose one that is appropriate for that social media platform.

You Can Say More with a Strong Visual

When you’re writing social media ad copy, there is probably going to be a specific character count or word limit that you have to stick to. Social media is not conducive to writing long and verbose ads that will paint a picture in words.

The right visual marketing strategy can help you bridge the gap between the information you can fit in an ad and the experience your brand provides. You can even design a collage of several photos to get your concept across.

Ultimately, you want your audience to feel something and be moved when they come across your ad. You’re much more likely to accomplish that with a stunning visual than with even the best-written words.

Visual Ads are Easier to Share

Satisfied customers can be your best brand ambassadors, but no one is going to share an ugly ad on their feed, no matter how much they love the business in question.

If you design an ad that has a cool or interesting image, your current customers are going to be more likely to share that with their friends and followers, and your business will grow more overall.

For social media ads to be successful, they need to both attract a new audience and convert your audience into paying customers. Incorporating strong visual elements into your ads will set them up to be successful in helping your business grow.