Are You Using YouTube To The Best Of Your Business Ability?

Are You Using YouTube To The Best Of Your Business Ability?

There are enough social media platforms out there to make any manager’s head spin. The moment you get your mind around regular uploads on Twitter, Instagram demands your attention. As if that weren’t enough, YouTube is now making a name for itself in the business.

But, how do YouTube and business go together? From the outside, the two platforms don’t merge much. What does a video-based platform full of YouTube stars and cat videos have to do with your company? Well, we’re glad you asked.

YouTube can help your business in a few significant ways. This is especially the case if your target market is young. While the older generation may not spend much time here, you can be sure the younger generation uses it more often than regular television. So, scrap what you think you know about traditional advertising. In truth, there’s no reason you need to break the bank with television advertisement anymore and it would be a mistake not to pay attention to what this platform can do for you and your company.

Let’s look at the main three ways you can make the most of the opportunities YouTube affords you.

Your YouTube Channel

Perhaps the most ongoing success you can find here is through your very own YouTube channel. Just as business blogs were the new kids on the block a few years ago, a company YouTube channel is now a prerequisite. What better way to reach your young audience than to cement your place on their favorite viewing platform? Creating a YouTube channel and uploading regular content brings all the benefits of any other social media platform and more. For one, few other platforms are as useful for creating customer relationships. After all, even on Twitter, you as a person are nothing more than the words you write on the screen. In your YouTube videos, though, you will be right there speaking to customers across the globe. And, if you build your on-screen persona, you can be sure this will go a long way towards helping them trust your company. After all, they’ll be able to put a face to the logo this way.

Bear in mind that, as with a business blog, the key to getting video marketing right is to go about this in an indirect way. You don’t want this content to be ad heavy and uninteresting. Instead, find subtle ways to link to your products. For instance, a business who creates cake products could use a cookery channel. All you would need to do to feel the benefits here is use your products during your tutorials. The key is to ensure customers don’t feel like you’re ramming something down their throats. Produce informative and interesting videos which merely highlight what your products can do.

Getting started here is as easy as setting up, investing in a cheap camera, and developing a few content ideas.

Advertising Opportunities

Whether you make a channel or not, don’t think that’s the only way YouTube can make you money. This is a website like any other. As such, it also makes use of traditional advertising. For the most part, this applies to adverts which appear at the start and end of many YouTube videos. In many ways, getting this right is no more complicated than developing a television advertisement. Though, you need to bear in mind that most users have the option to skip advertisements after 5 seconds of play time. As such, you should work harder than ever at gripping your customer to keep them watching. That way, you can ensure they stick with you and take time to see what you actually have to offer. The best thing about video advertisements like these is that they operate on a PPC (pay per click) basis, which means that you could save a lot of money here over traditional avenues. YouTube’s AdSense program only pays creators for clicks advertisements receive. As such, you can put your ad out there for less, and only pay if your method creates a lead.

Of course, you can also make use of more traditional marketing methods. Generally, YouTube’s homepage will include a more standard ad banner at any given time. So, if you prefer to stick to methods you know, YouTube could still have you covered. This is a fantastic way to get yourself known, even if you don’t feel competent with the platform itself.

Influencer Videos

Now we’re onto perhaps the most crucial advantage YouTube can bring for you. Here, more than anywhere, video creators are in a whole new class of celebrity. These people have screaming hordes of fans and more influence than you could shake a stick at. On top of the most famous YouTubers list, PewDiePie has an average 61.53 million subscribers, and he’s not alone in the big subscriber stakes. Even small fry creators in the community can bag an astounding 100,000 or more subscribers. What’s more, many such individuals work with brands on a regular basis to promote products.

Though some companies do pay for video mentions, you shouldn’t need to pay here. That’s especially the case if you target mid-range creators. In most instances, such individuals will mention your brand if you send them free products. Though there will be some initial loss, you’re sure to see that back and more if the YouTuber in question steers people your way. Bear in mind that there is a whole new form of etiquette here. You need to contact YouTubers directly and ask if they would like to work with you. It’s also crucial to be clear about what you expect in return for free products. Note, too, that most creators only offer honest reviews. As such, they won’t say they like your product if they don’t. But, once the technicalities are out of the way, you can sit back and let YouTube do the talking.