5 Types of Videos Your Online Visitors Will Like

5 Types of Videos Your Online Visitors Will Like

If you’re not getting as much customer engagement on your website as you would like, you might want to try to implement video marketing. Most millennials are visual learners and are more likely to remember things that are presented to them in an audio visual form. Instead of trying to impress them with blog posts and the occasional photo, take your marketing to the next level by adding videos to your site and social media accounts. Below you’ll find a few types of videos you should start creating today.

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Intro Videos

In case your landing page doesn’t have a slideshow or an intro video that introduces your brand to new visitors, you need to step up your game. No matter if you create this from a template or talk to a digital agency, you will see that your bounce rates will be reduced significantly. Check out https://ignitedigital.com/ to find some examples and learn more about effective responsive web design.

Video Infographics

One of the coolest trends of recent years has been video infographics. While static versions have been around since the birth of the internet, the improved sharing and compatibility functions of social media have triggered a change in the content marketing industry. You can now add videos, animation, and even narration to your infographic designs.


A good way of showcasing your company’s skills, capabilities, and benefits for customers is creating slideshows. You can even turn them into videos, and share them on your social media, your own site, or YouTube. If you make the content engaging, you could make your videos go viral and attract more repeat visitors.

Behind-The-Scene Videos

Customers like branding videos that give them an insight. Whether you would like to use video marketing for branding or strengthening your existing relationships with your customers, you can share anything fun and interesting going on in the office. Are you moving to a new office? Document it. Would you like to show how you manage marketing budgets? Create fun behind-the-scene videos.

Customer Education Videos

One of the best ways of connecting with your potential customers and your existing clients is offering value. Educational videos are more engaging than simple emails or blog posts. If you already have a couple of white papers that didn’t really impress your clients, you might want to turn them into fun and entertaining educational videos. Focus on providing something for free, so you can gain their trust and get them hooked on the content. Customer education videos can be explaining your ordering process or highlight the main benefits of your product.

Video marketing can deliver great benefits for new and existing brands. You can use them to improve your brand awareness, build and strengthen customer relationships, and create strong brand messages. In case you’re unhappy with your online marketing results, you might want to try some of the above video content ideas to get more social proof, make your content go viral, and communicate your unique selling propositions.