The 8 Best Tools for
Boosting Your SEO Efforts

Having a website and optimizing for search engines can be a tricky juggling act. Whether you are a beginner or an SEO expert, you have to have gathered enough knowledge about SEO tools and techniques to optimize your sites. Instead of manually checking and changing the content on your site, you can use a tool that will do it for you.

SEO is all about increasing the number of visitors to your site, and as you chase more and more search ranking results, you may want to consider using specialized tools to help you out and become more efficient. The tools are designed to help you with various SEO issues and can be of great help in your SEO campaigns.

Optimizing your website with the right tool will help you gain better search engine rankings and higher traffic. In a way, tools are designed to help you do more of the things that matter in SEO.  It could be that the primary goal of a tool is to help with link building, then that may be the principal way that the tool is supposed to be used.

You can skip most of these tools if you find a recommended SEO company, as they will most likely have paid versions of the primary SEO tools for use on your website. Nevertheless according to Grizzly New Marketing, some of them, such as the Google analytic and search console tools, are highly recommended to use by yourself. However, if you are starting and want to see the tools for yourself, our list of x tools (free and paid) will help you on your SEO journey.

Google Analytics (Free)

Google Analytics is a website analytics service provided by Google for gathering website traffic data. It’s free and easy to set up, making it a no-brainer when optimizing how people interact with your website. Google Analytics can help you understand how visitors interact with your website, how long they stay, and what content they’re looking at.

Also, analytics allows you to track marketing efforts and set up goals, specific actions on your website that you want visitors to complete. Google Analytics can be used for free by simply pasting a JavaScript code snippet into the head of your website. You can use Google’s analytics for several reasons, but the main reason to use Google’s analytics is its convenience.

It’s easy to use, and it’s easy to get started. Another great reason to use Google Analytics is that it’s free. Google Analytics is available to everyone, unlike most other web analytics programs.

Google Search Console (Free)

As a website owner, you are continuously looking for ways to improve your site for better search engine rankings. One way to do this is to monitor your website’s search performance in Google Search Console. This tool provides many insights on how people search for your site and how Google indexes it. You can then optimize your site for better search results using this information. Also, be sure to take a look at the Google Page Experience guide.

Rank Math (Freemium)

Optimizing content with built-in suggestions is super simple with Rank Math, a freemium SEO plugin for WordPress. It’s easy to customize structures, adjust which pages are searchable, and manage how you want your site to appear in searches with Structured data.Rank Math assists with keyword research and provides insight into search engine priorities. Research with it is faster and easier than before, and you can keep track of your results with a system for analyzing and tracking. With Rankmath, you can find more profitable keywords and market segments to increase your sales. It has both free and paid-for versions, but the free option should suffice for most people.

Answer The Public (Limited Free Options)

Answer the Public combines Bing and Google suggestions into what you might call a search cloud as a consumer insight tool. These search clouds categorize out the questions people ask from their various devices and provide an overview of what they would be typing into search engines.

Search marketers benefit immensely from this type of insight for the following reasons:

  • It allows you to become familiar with your audience and figure out what they are searching for.
  • It helps you target your keyword research.
  • Optimization for long-tail key phrases is possible with this tool.
  • By answering relevant questions, you could get a coveted featured snippet on Google.

As Google is constantly changing its algorithm, long-tail optimization is becoming more critical.

Ubersuggest (Free and Paid)

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool designed by top American expert Neil Patel. It features both free and paid options, but the free option should be enough if you are starting. On Ubersuggest, when you search a keyword, you’ll see every result, including paid difficulty, volume, SEO difficulty, cost, and monthly searches. The Ubersuggest tool suggests the best word out of billions of potential keywords, making it easier for you to choose topics to write about.

Ahrefs (Paid)

Most people think Ahrefs is just a backlink checker, but it’s way more than just that. Digital marketing tools like this one provide rankings monitoring and keyword tools. They deliver valuable information on backlinks and SEO. By having one of the largest databases of live links in the industry, Ahrefs’s backlink checker is known for its accuracy.

An essential aspect of the software is the ability to crawl the site and get detailed information about how search engine bots see it, which will help you optimize it. The Ahrefs dashboard makes it easy to see how well your website is performing.

Just enter a URL to keep track of your domain health. This dashboard will let you know if you have errors, if you have new links if your URL is ranking, and if you’re being directed to a new domain. One point that puts many people off is its price.

It offers a 7-day trial, but you will need to spend some serious money to use all of its features once that is up. For this reason, it may not be suitable for beginners, but once you are starting to gain some traction, you will want to consider using it.

Screaming Frog (Free and Paid)

As a website crawler for improving onsite SEO, the Screaming Frog SEO Spider extracts data & audits for common SEO issues. With Screaming Frog, you can find out quickly what’s wrong with your website and identify issues your website might have.

The free version allows you to scan up to 500 URLs, comfortably enough for most small to medium-sized websites. You can pay a small fee if you need to analyze more than 500, but the free option is more than sufficient for most people.

MarketMuse (Paid)

Content marketing tool MarketMuse analyzes top-ranking web pages for a given keyword and gives you data you can use to write better content that will outrank them. Machine learning and artificial intelligence help brands create better content, suggesting topics to cover and developing briefs that satisfy your business’s most important areas. It is pretty pricey, possibly putting it out of reach of most people; however, it will significantly boost your SEO efforts if you can afford it.


The purpose of using SEO tools is to help you find the best keywords for your posts and content. It is essential to use the correct keywords since you might not get any readers if you use the wrong ones. You can get by using a minimum of free tools, but as your website gains traction and popularity, you will find yourself needing a more extensive toolbox with the right things to push your site forward.