Quality Social Media Engagement

Quality Social Media Engagement

Everyone gets excited about the idea of marketing through social media. Why? Well, let’s start off with the big plus for business owners. It’s free, and that’s a big deal when virtually every other form of marketing costs an absolute fortune. It’s fun and breezy to do, making it easy to connect with customers and clients without it seeming like you’re trying too hard. Then, there’s the massive potential that social media provides. You can reach thousands of customers and clients all at the same time.

But before you jump into social media, there are a few rules you need to know and trends that you must be aware of. Otherwise, it might not be quite as useful as a marketing tool.


Hashtags. People either love them or hate them. But for online marketers and anyone who wants to use social media, there should really be no debate. Hashtags will make your content and posts 95 percent more likely to be shared, so your customers definitely like them and that’s all that matters. Yes, you do get the occasional company or marketing team that will avoid hashtags completely. But if you do this, you’re really just shooting yourself in the foot. Numbers don’t lie, and this little symbol # could be the difference between a marketing success and a marketing failure.

Only 20 Percent? 

This is the percentage of your social media posts that should be a direct promotion. Everything else should be link building, sharing other people’s posts or providing interesting updates that relate to your industry. You should make sure you’re thinking about this rule when you plan a sustainable social media promotion. If you spend too much time marketing and promoting yourself or your company, users will get bored, and they’ll stop visiting your profiles. This isn’t a threat, it’s a guarantee.

Video Killed The Instagram Star

Well, it hasn’t yet, but the video will become more important than images online very soon. And, images are already more valuable than text content and articles. So, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what type of content you should be sharing on your social media feeds. You still want some links to great articles, but a healthy mixture of video, images and even infographics is the best choice here. By giving your users plenty of variety, they’ll always have a reason to revisit your profile pages.


Social media engagement is a key tactic that businesses must use if they want to find success marketing your company online. It’s not just about providing them with information or building your brand. You have to connect with users on a personal level. Only by doing this will you keep their interest and ensure that they continue to support your company. There are plenty of different ways you can engage with online users. Perhaps the most obvious would be to message them directly or respond when they message you. It shows that you do care about your customers and that the relationship runs in both directions.