Make A Difference in The Community;
5 Careers That Let You Give Back

One of the ultimate ways to enjoy job satisfaction is by choosing a career that lets you give back to the community daily. If this is the kind of career you’d like to pursue, but are unsure of what’s available to you, I’ve put together a list of ideas. With prospects for all education levels and interests, you’re sure to find the perfect job.

Music Therapist

Work with people of all ages suffering handicaps or illnesses to enhance their quality of life by tapping into non-verbal processes in a supportive therapy setting to promote mental and emotional change. Music therapy incorporates music and rhythm plus guided meditation and other relaxation technics. In such environments, people who cannot communicate well verbally find other avenues for communication. Music therapists can also work with dementia patients to stimulate memories and slow their cognitive decline.


Provide pastoral care to a congregation within your faith as a minister, priest, or equivalent. Saint Paul School of Theology can help you receive your religious education in the Wesleyan tradition ensuring a strong clerical foundation. People don’t only attend places of worship to worship but also become a part of the community. Clergy, therefore, looks after not only the religious side of things, but other issues that come up within their community, an important role to take on.

Social Worker

Helping people in need from all walks of life, social workers make a huge difference to those experiencing hardship. Social workers deal with them all, from vulnerable children with complicated home lives to older people struggling to look after themselves. Social work does require a degree, so there is a commitment to education to follow this road.

Family Support Worker

If the educational commitment or intensity of the position is off-putting, but the field attracts you look for something like a Family Support Worker position. Practical experience and a lower level of education make this a more accessible career choice. Providing a practical element of support to families under social workers’ care by working closely with the families to help implement necessary improvements in care standards. Supporting struggling parents to keep the house clean, get the children to school, or keep court-ordered contact appointments makes a significant difference to children and their families.

Care Worker

Care workers visit infirm people in their homes and provide care services that allow the person to continue living independently. Services provided depend on the individual’s need and can range from delivering meals, doing housework, and helping with bathing. Studies have shown that staying in your own home is beneficial for stalling cognitive decline and recovering from illness. Thus, becoming a carer lets you help others have a good quality of life.

If you want to give back to the community through your job, many options are open to you. Whether it’s tapping into your religious beliefs, caring for people in their home, or using alternative therapies.