Are You In A Positive Career?

It’s wrong to measure your career only by how much money you earn. While financial security and a comfortable life are an obvious want, it’s also important to keep an eye on how much good you do as part of your job. If you were to weigh up the output of your labor, would you be in the ‘net positive’ or ‘net negative’ pile when it comes to your impact on the world? If you’re falling short and want to do more, take a look at switching to one of five careers/actions listed below.

Health and Social Care

The world will always need dedicated health and social workers because there’ll always be people in need. It takes a special kind of person to be able to work long hours and help people in their hour of need. Working in this field isn’t just about giving back either. You can also make good money, and you’ll be working in a job where two days are never the same. Whether it’s as a doctor, nurse, or support worker in a healthcare institution, you’ll be making a big difference.

Helping The Next Generation

The children are the future, as they say, but what kind of future will they create? It all depends on how well they develop. You can have an active role helping children become the best they can be by working with youngsters and shaping their minds, both socially and intellectually. Look at obtaining a BA online in Early Childhood Development degree and you’ll able to work in a diverse range of roles in childhood education, healthcare, and support sectors. This could be a career that has an impact that lasts long into the future.

Becoming A Boss

The decisions and direction of the world are shaped by those who dare to dream. If you have an idea of how to improve the world, why not become an entrepreneur and create a world with your own vision? This is especially relevant if you’re currently unhappy with the state of the planet, be it environmentally or politically. By setting up a company, you can enact the changes you want to see, and who knows, they might snowball into making a real difference.


The decisions are made by those who show up. And the politicians? Well, they’re the ones who showed up. If you have a passion for social change and think you can handle being in office, why not try to enter politics? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Once there, you’ll be able to raise the concerns that matter most to you. Whether you’re successful in enacting change will depend on many factors, but at least you’ll have tried.

Effective Use of Money

There’s another argument that says the best possible impact you could have is to make as much more as possible, and then use that money to make a change. If you’re in a high paying job, but want to make a difference, stay in the job and become more charitable with your money.