It’s on! The Social Media Monthly March Madness Challenge!

It’s on! The Social Media Monthly March Madness Challenge!

As many of your know, the majority of us working at The Social Media Monthly are sports nuts. Football, baseball, hockey, you name it. But there is always this special time of year, at the beginning of spring, when for two weeks, the nation goes nuts, and alumni of all colleges start rooting for their teams. You see, I went to Villanova.¬†They had one of the greatest upsets in sports history back in 1985.¬†After that season, I was hooked. So whenever they make the tournament, I can’t help but get excited.

This year, we’d like to share the excitement and experience with you, our readers. We’ve setup a group for The Social Media Monthly and all are welcome to join and play. Share it with your friends. There’s no special password. And just to keep it a little interesting, we’ll give the overall winner a $25 Gift Card for Starbucks. Enough to buy yourself and your friends that got blown out in the first round a victory drink.

To sign-up, just click here.
Deadline to enter is 12:15pm EST Thursday, March 21st.

We’ll keep the community updated on the standings
through the newsletter during the next two weeks.
Good luck!

Bob Fine is the founder and publisher of The Social Media Monthly.