Mercedes Makes Slow Start
To 2022 F1 Season

The new F1 season has kicked off with races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and it’s thrown up plenty of surprises. Following the epic climax to the 2021 season with Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fighting it out for the title going into the final race, fans have been eager to see where the rivalry would head next. But Hamilton’s team, Mercedes, have made a surprisingly slow start to the 2022 season. Below, we explore their season so far.

Recent Record

Mercedes have been imperious over the last 10 years. The team has won every single Constructors’ Championship since 2014: this run of eight consecutive titles is unmatched across the history of F1. During this time, Hamilton has won the driving title six times, while teammate Nico Rosberg won it once in 2016. Despite this, the team was left heartbroken when Verstappen pipped Hamilton to the title last year and vowed to reach the summit of the driver standings in 2022.

New Regulations

The 2022 season has seen new regulations that have altered the landscape. The main change is that overtaking has now been made easier: body shapes have been changed to evenly distribute downforce between a leading car and a chasing car. As a result, the chasing car won’t have to deal with “dirty air” and stands a better chance of overtaking. On top of this, the size of tires has been increased while cars have been narrowed.

Current Standings

Mercedes has struggled to adapt to the new era of F1 and has had two difficult races so far. They’ve lacked the pace of their rivals, Red Bull and Ferrari, and the result has been second place in the Constructors’ Championship. Ferrari are 40 points ahead, while Red Bull are one point behind despite scoring 0 in the first race. Meanwhile, in the driving title, George Russell and Hamilton are sitting in a disappointing fourth and fifth respectively.

Next Race

Nevertheless, Mercedes do have plenty of time to improve the car and turn this start around. Their focus will now shift to the Australian GP on April 10 where Hamilton and co will be aiming to kickstart their season.

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