How To Improve Employee Morale Without Breaking
The Bank

How To Improve Employee Morale Without Breaking The Bank

It’s easy to neglect your employees when they’re working for you. As long as they do their job properly, that’s all you have to worry about in your mind. However, there is much more that you should be considering. In order to create a productive and happy workforce, you can’t neglect the simple things. These are small efforts that can improve the atmosphere in your office, yet they’re very important to employee morale.


Before we discuss materialistic matters, we need to focus on you as a manager. The way in which your office operates and the atmosphere that is generated is determined greatly by your actions. You need to conduct yourself in a certain manner in order to be taken seriously, but continue to provide a fun work environment. Make sure you’re providing an open door policy at work where you’ll allow others to contribute with ideas. Don’t push people too hard, and be willing to joke around with them from time to time. This might not sound like much, but the way in which you act around your fellow employees will make a significant difference.

In terms of improving the office itself, there are numerous areas you can focus upon that will make a large impact. We’ve all heard of talking around the water cooler, so have you got one installed? You’re going to also want to ensure the cooler you select is coupled with water filtration systems. Employees consume large amounts of water on a daily basis, and it’s a much better alternative than gulping down copious amounts of coffee. You’ll find that fresh, filtered water from bottleless water coolers for offices is an easy, great way to boost office morale. While we’re on the topic of food and drink, why not provide a vending machine for them as well? Everyone likes to have a snack now and again, and it might just provide them with the extra boost of energy they need to hit those deadlines. Alternatively, offer healthy options such as an assortment of fruit every week. That won’t cost the earth for you, but they’ll be grateful for it.

Of course, not every change in the office environment can be a small one. Employees want big changes from time to time, and you can’t accommodate it in every circumstance. That said, you can certainly give them more platforms to air their feelings and concerns about what they’d like to see in the future. This is why it can be beneficial to hold regular meetings with the entire team. Pass along surveys to different departments in your office and allow them to tell you exactly what changes they’d like to see anonymously. You can’t make any guarantees when it comes to this, but it’ll give you a much better idea of how they’re feeling. You also might be able to make changes that aren’t exactly what they want, but will help to ease the situation.

None of those endeavors require spending vast amounts of money. All it takes is proper organization and a degree of awareness. Treat your employees in the way that you’d want to be treated in their position. That’s the key to getting the most out of them and benefiting from their hard work as a result.