How to Use Social Media and Technology to Promote Your Roofing Company

How important is social media in your industry? Ask any business owner and you’ll get a different answer from each one. Many small business owners such as contractors focus on local business and trade-specialties. Because of this, they often don’t feel they’d get much use from social media and technology. The reality is that all businesses can benefit from modern technology. And since so many people use social media platforms constantly throughout the day, these can be the best places to focus your marketing efforts.

To get the most from social media marketing, build trust and name recognition by providing useful content, entertainment, and inspiration. Don’t send direct advertisements, simply engage your audience by showing what you do best.

Show Before and After Roofing Pictures

Take plenty of before and after pictures for each project your company works on. You might get these images yourself on a simple cell phone, but better results come from hiring a professional photographer. Get overview images as well as close-up, detailed shots of the materials and finishes. Share these images on photo-centric social media platforms such as Instagram.

Before and after images are popular with people who like home improvement content. And homeowners like seeing how their own house might be transformed in style with a new roof. By looking through your before and after images, they’ll also see the level of quality your company offers.

Make Videos of Your Roofers at Work

Some people enjoy watching videos on social media platforms. Tiktok, Instagram, SnapChat, and Facebook all allow you to upload brief videos. These shorter videos are an alternate way to show before and after projects. They’re also a way to show your employees at work, or to highlight something important about your company. You might create a short video showing the safety harness system your employees use, for instance.

For longer videos such as a time-lapse of work in progress, you might choose to use YouTube. This social media network is designed for video content, and it’s an excellent way for your company to get more exposure. You could create 15-30 minute educational-style videos comparing different roofing materials, for instance. You can also create longer videos that capture an entire jobsite project from start to finish.

Introduce the Roofing Company Owners

Create both images and brief videos of your company owners and employees. You could even create images and videos with family included. Business happens when people like and trust your company. This type of social media content helps your company build trust online because it shows that there are real people behind the social media account.

When creating this content, include bits of information about how the company started, what type of insurance it carries, and why the owners chose the community they operate in. If the business has been owned by the same family for generations, make sure that’s included in your social media content regularly. Let customers and prospects get to know you and like you, so they’ll want to do business with you.

Share Behind the Scenes Photos & Videos

Behind the scenes content is some of the most popular on social media. This can be in the form of photography or brief video clips. Sometimes it’s simply bloopers or b-roll, and sometimes it’s something else entirely. Maybe you recently had a company picnic. Maybe you participated in a local job fair or charity event.

Share Professional Roofing Tips and Advice

Roofing tips and advice can be brief and simple, or complex and detailed. Complex topics can be broken up into multiple parts and treated like an ongoing educational series that people get a lot of value from. You might explain the many ways your company’s roofer liability insurance policy helps them, for instance, or give simple tips for keeping the gutters clean.

Final Words/Conclusion…

Using social media and modern technology to promote your roofing company isn’t time consuming or difficult. Most of the day-to-day activities can be done right from a standard cell phone. And professional photographers or marketing managers can be hired to keep up with social media accounts that get busy. Keeping content flowing on social media will keep your business top of mind for customers and prospects in the future. And it will keep that level of trust and engagement that’s needed to grow your business further.