9 Social Media Video Marketing Tips

In the quest to make businesses successful, professionals are now venturing into video marketing more than ever. According to research conducted by Oberlo in March 2020, 87% of marketers have shifted to video marketing to popularize their brands. YouTube is the primarily used social media platform, with 88% of market videos presented here. Facebook follows closely with a 76% popularity in video marketing. Probably you want to venture into video marketing and long for tips to make it successful. This article is a timely one for you since it discusses nine tips of utmost importance in social media video marketing.

Engage Your Target Audience

Feedback is vital in determining the success of any business. If you want your video marketing business to pick, you have no option but to engage your audience. How do you keep your audience engaged? Well, engaging your followers is not some atomic science. Use the comment section and encourage comments. Your viewers will speak up their minds and use the provided information to improve your videos to grow your brand. Be cautious not to have comments just for their sake; really pay attention to what the audience points out.

Make Your Video Lengths Bearable

People do not have the whole day to spend watching your videos on Facebook or YouTube. Although some could be looking for something entertaining, most could be looking for specific information for some work. Do you think your videos will be helpful if they were 30minutes, 45minutes, or even an hour? Those are movies; people will not pay attention to them, especially if they wanted informational videos. Thus, work on your video lengths. Make the videos as short as fifteen to ninety seconds for Facebook videos. If they are ads, fifteen seconds is the ideal length.

Be Informative with Your Videos

Give your audience a reason to view your videos as a must-watch. How do you achieve this? Be specific with the topic you choose to present. Do not hop from one topic to another; keep on the track. ‘Ambiguity kills interest in your audience,’ said James Marques, a professional video marketer. Give your followers no reason to think that they wasted their time in watching your video. Be informative and captivating, but do not exaggerate things; your viewers can tell it. Additionally, give your video a striking title. The title should be informative enough to help your audience know what the video is about and why they should watch it.

Create Linkages Over Various Social Media Sites

If you want to succeed in social media video marketing, you have to use various platforms. Focusing on a single site in campaigning for your brand will not prove fruitful. Cast your nets on multiple platforms and see how fast your campaign popularizes. A feature that will make it easy for you to use the various platforms is the linkage feature. For example, create a Google account and link your YouTube channel to it. The result is a YouTube page. Add keywords to your title to better the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Google. With SEOs, site visitors reach your YouTube content just through a Google search. For Twitter, pay close attention to your diction as it limits the number of words.

Capture Interest Right from The Onset

‘Monotony kills interest,’ this we know. You do not want to create some boring videos that will demoralize your viewers. Right from the start, capture viewers’ interest. According to Joe Sloan, a content analyst, the first five seconds should be enough to capture interest. For longer videos, he says that a synopsis will do. You have two options- either catch or let go of the interest. Of course, the former is what you must opt for since you are not into video marketing just to pass the time.

Make Your Design Visually Appealing

The choice of the graphics you incorporate in your videos tells whether or not you will have a great turnout for your brand. No one wants to keep watching some dull image. Diligently work on the design of your video to have the best outlook before you can post it. That is what every video marketer out there does, and you don’t want to occupy the bottom position. Remain unique in your graphic choices to bring out something different from the rest.

Use A Friendly Orientation for Your Videos

You do not want to lose the audience because your orientation did not offer the best experience. Design, length, content and the rest could be on point, but alignment could make you lose it. Speaking about orientation, Brian Peters of SocialMediaToday had this to say,’ businesses and brands must keep up with mobile-centric video trends if they want to succeed on social media.’ That is true. The majority of people view videos on mobile devices, and you want to make their experience as friendly as possible. Thus, use vertical orientation as opposed to square one in making your videos.

Add A Caption to Your Videos

The videos you are creating are supposed to benefit the whole of humanity at large. Thus, be sure to keep in mind the handicapped while making your videos. For example, do not overlook the deaf. To take care of them, add captions to your videos. Social media sites such as Facebook provide tools that help you add captions to your videos so that the deaf community is also considered.

Audit Your Videos Through Metrics

You don’t want to do some wind-chasing games; you want to achieve something. Thus, use metrics to evaluate your progress. As you start off on video marketing, set specific goals. Using checks and metrics, audit the growth of your brands. Find out whether your campaigns are gaining popularity and adjust accordingly.

Video marketing is turning out to be the best marketing strategy to promote your brand. For best results, social media platforms are used. This article shared nine crucial tips you have to closely look into if you want your social media video marketing successful. The tips revolve around the length, design, content, caption, metrics, orientation, disambiguation, and linkages. Additionally, engage your audience and be captivating to capture their interest all through. Peer into the article and equip yourself with these tips. Also, revolutionize your marketing strategies using animated explainers. But how do they work? Find out more!