Gain More Followers Using
Social Media Campaigns

Have you started a few social media pages for your business yet? Social media is no longer just a tool for contacting old friends. It’s now considered a vital business marketing tool as well. Plus, it’s one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your brand online.

But, all the hard work you put into creating and maintaining various social media pages won’t do you any good if you can’t build up a good base of followers. So, how can you get people to follow your business on social media?

Luckily, there are several social media campaigns that can get you more followers. This may be hard at first, but once you start gaining a nice following, getting more followers will become easier and easier.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover how to gain more followers using social media campaigns.

Increase Link Presence

Arguably, the most important social media campaign to gain followers is to increase link presence. People will be more likely to follow you if they see links to your various social media sites rather than having to search for it themselves.

So, where can you put links?

Anywhere and everywhere. You can link to your social media sites on your company website and put social share icons on all your blog posts.

Don’t forget to utilize social media, too! Let’s say you have Facebook and Twitter. You can include the link to your Twitter account on Facebook and the link to your Facebook page on your Twitter account.

Although links are convenient and easy to use online, they can also be utilized on paper too. Be sure to include them on business cards, brochures, flyers, or any other printed marketing material you currently use.

Create a Company Image

Alright, now that your links are out there for people to see, it’s time to focus on your company image and how that will translate to social media.

Think about how you market your company to the public. What personality traits do you hope people associate your company with? Do you want people to think you’re funny, honest, loyal, or unique?

Once you’ve decided on that, think about how you can translate that into social media posts. But you’ll want to be sure your image shows in all of your posts – not just a few. This will help increase brand loyalty as your followers will gain a sense of who you are and form connections with the company image.

As your brand loyalty increases, so does the chance that your customers will follow you on more than one social media site. They may also mention your company to friends and family who may follow you in the future.

Be Engaging

Another important digital campaign to enact is opening up communication. Posts can seem very one sided if you don’t engage in any conversations that follow.

Of course, you don’t have to talk to every single follower or respond to every comment. But, you’ll want your social media presence to be more in-depth than just posts.

If you see some good questions, funny comments, or harsh criticisms, feel free to reply. This is a very personal approach that will show your followers they are being heard. Just be sure that your replies are also in-line with your company image!

Another way to talk to your followers would be to create interactive posts. Ask them open-ended questions or set up surveys that they can answer. This shows that you’re interested in their opinions and you care about what they have to say.

If customers see that you are answering their questions and asking for feedback on social media, they may be more inclined to follow you to get answers or share opinions.

Think Before You Self-Promote

It may be tempting to center your digital campaign around promoting your company with every post. However, a good social media presence relies mostly on valuable content. In fact, some experts suggest only self-promoting every 1 out of 7 posts.

This means that you most of your posts should focus on sharing information that will help your followers. Answering FAQs and sharing tips are great examples of this.

This may seem counterintuitive – I mean, you’re on social media to promote your business, right? However, posting valuable content will set you up as the go-to for reliable industry information. Once people see you as an expert in your field, they’ll be more likely to follow you on social media and become loyal customers.

Consider What Your Post

There are several social media campaigns that you may use to decide what to post. But, you should spend a lot of time thinking about this. Your posts are the focus of your pages, and they have a huge influence on whether people follow you or not.

Now, we’ve already mentioned that most of your posts should be valuable content. But how can you turn that idea into a social media campaign to increase followers? Well, posting valuable content related to trending topics is huge.

Your current followers will be more likely to share them which means all their followers will see your post. Once your social media page pops up on their feed, they may be more likely to follow you.

Another tip is to use visual aids very often. People scroll through social media so quickly, that many word-only posts just get passed by. However, posts with images are far more likely to get engagement. Pictures, memes, graphs, charts, and GIFs are all things you can utilize to get your audience’s attention.

Once you have their attention, they’ll be more likely to share your post on their page. This opens all their followers to see your company page and possibly follow it.

The Best Social Media Campaigns to Increase Followers

Followers are a vital part of any company’s social media success. All your hard work means nothing if your pages don’t have any followers to read your content.

So, how can you gain more followers to really up your social media presence? Well, the best social media campaigns to increase followers include increasing link presence, creating a company image, engaging followers, avoiding too much self-promotion, and posting smart.

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