How to Promote a Business Within a Budget

How to Promote a Business Within a Budget

Promotion is important whether it is for a product or a business. People won’t know about you or the products you offer unless you reach out to them. The best way to do so is to adapt innovative, effective and result producing ways to promote a business.

Successful business promotion refers to making more money than spending it. While it’s possible to start a business with little to no investment, there comes a time when a business requires money to be successfully promoted. We run through some of the most popular options below including SEO, promotional products and social media advertising.

Here’s how to promote a business within a budget:

Invest In SEO

Websites and businesses that we see at the top of search engine results is mostly due to apt SEO implementation. SEO is about driving relevant traffic towards content by placing the right keywords and using other such techniques.

Since 50% of traffic comes through SEO, businesses need to invest money to up their SEO game so as to fight the rivals and increase profits.

Hiring an expert SEO individual can be a bit costly here because they charge $80 to $130 per hour, a more budget friendly approach is to go for a mid level SEO expert or simply learn the SEO tricks and implement yourself.

Many SEO companies also offer guaranteed results so try to consider them.

Social Media

One of the most budget friendly options to promote a business is to use social media. Facebook alone is a platform that has over 2.2 billion active users. Moreover, it offers businesses the opportunity to run campaigns for promotional purposes.

Besides Facebook, we have Instagram and Twitter to consider as well. While they may not be as big as Facebook, they certainly help promote businesses. Instagram is said to have a good video reach. It is also good for some businesses such as fashion labels.

In short, spending money on social media platforms to promote a business is a good investment because it surely helps to bag a lot of sales.

The cost of Facebook ads for average CPC is $0.27 and $7.19 average CPM. However, the cost of an ad may be higher or lower as it depends on a number of factors including:

  • Objective of the ad
  • Amount and bidding type
  • Ad quality
  • Audience
  • Type of industry

You should find the social media platform that has your target audience and then work accordingly.

PPC – Pay Per Click

PPC is quite similar to how we rent a space on a billboard to show our content or buying a TV slot to run our ads in exchange for money.

When you pay for a PPC campaign, ads are shown to users to drive them to your business. This one is a cheaper method as the average cost is between $1 – $2.

Customized Promotional Items

You can use customized stationery and other items to promote your business. Purchase custom notepads for the office and mugs to distribute among your employees and clients.

This is a fun way to reach out to those not aware of your business.  Have the name of your business, contact details and other such information printed on everyday items. Now when someone uses these items they will instantly think of your business. Your business’ name will be on their mind at all times.

Promote Your Business Today

A business should come up with a promotional strategy that maximizes every dollar. Think of a plan and implement it today and see how it goes for your business.