Digital Marketing Strategies That Are Dominating 2016

Digital Marketing Strategies That Are Dominating 2016

The world of digital marketing is an intimidating and scary place for any business owner. But, it is also a challenging and rewarding one if you keep your finger on the pulse. The thing about digital marketing is that it changes every year. As you will find, what was important last year won’t be as effective this year. With that in mind, you should always try and figure out what trends will be important year after year. If you do, you can get a head start in the race for digital dominance. Here are a few trends that are dominating 2016:


Video Ads

There is nothing new about video ads. If you go on YouTube, you will come across a video ad every couple of minutes. However, YouTube isn’t the king of digital marketing – Google is the king. Yes, Google owns YouTube, but that doesn’t mean that YouTube has a bearing on digital marketing. That is now set to change as video ads are more ubiquitous across the entire Google platform. As online users become more accepting, the ads will become more prominent. Any business looking to make a killing needs to consider online video ads this year.

Mobile Over Desktop

One of the most popular digital marketing strategies of 2016 is going to be mobile technology dominating the desktop. As it is nearly halfway through the year, it isn’t hard to back up that comment. More and more companies are transforming their websites to make them mobile-friendly. Plus, customers are starting to use mobile platforms exclusively over desktop ones. A mobile platform is a niche within a niche, and it is a popular niche. If people don’t have access to a mobile site, they will go elsewhere. There isn’t a business today that can afford to isolate this group of consumers.

Virtual Reality

The age of VR is about to dawn, with equipment like the Oculus Rift just hitting the consumer now. Virtual reality equipment is about more than digital advertising, but it will have a big effect on the industry. If you think that Facebook ads are popular now, wait until the wide adoption of the Oculus Rift. Facebook owns Oculus, and the social media giant will make use of its technology. Direct video messaging straight to your home, for example, is a distinct possibility. That will undoubtedly change the way that companies market if it works. Of course, there is always the possibility it could all come crashing down. But with the advancements in VR technology over the last couple of years, that wouldn’t be unlikely.

Digital Assistants

Digital assistants like Siri and Cortana are more than novelty items that you can find on your Apple or Android phone. In the future, they will become the new face of SEO and PPC advertising. At the moment, businesses use SEO and PPC to funnel new customers to their site. Siri and Cortana, however, will find the information organically. When a user asks them a question, they will bring up your details in their search. All you have to do is make it readily available and easy for them to find.