3 Tips For Managing Google PPC Campaigns

3 Tips For Managing Google PPC Campaigns

Putting together a successful AdWords campaign can be a painstakingly arduous task. However, follow the right advice and you’ll find yourself in the enviable position of spending a little to achieve a lot. If you’re looking to improve the performance of your Google PPC campaigns, simply take heed of these three simple sets of tips and tricks and watch your ROI leap in next to no time.

1) The Benefits of Using AdWords Scripts

Perhaps the easiest way of improving your PPC results while simultaneously saving time might be the implementation of AdWords Scripts: A useful automation tool that offers simpler functionality than the API, but more powerful options than the standard Google AdWords editor.

AdWords Scripts, like standard Google Apps Scripts, rely on Javascript, a language which is easy to get to grips with and is supported by a large amount of online documentation and support. They’re easily integrated with other Google services (such as sheets, docs and Gmail), which is useful for creating a customizable workflow with relatively little fuss.

Furthermore, AdWords Scripts can be scheduled to run as little or as often as you like, at regular intervals (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, etc.) allowing you to automate certain tasks. Spending just a small amount of time can yield some serious results. It’s possible to create scripts which detect underperforming keywords, check on the overall health of your accounts and create detailed score reports.

2) The Benefits of Split Testing

Human nature is a funny thing. On paper we can have the data, and the data suggests our latest online offer is a sure fire winner: a low price, high demand product. Sounds good, right? Only if your landing page is optimized. Of course, it can be difficult to ascertain exactly what works in a landing page, which is where A/B testing comes in. This allows you to use two (or more) different pages to find out what drives conversions (and crucially, what doesn’t), thereby allowing you to develop the optimal setup which can see costs per click to a product reduced by significant amounts. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You just might stumble across a goldmine of an idea through experimentation.

3) The Benefits of Google Remarketing

Once you’ve mastered the art of creating profitable, viable Google PPC campaigns, it’s time to consider expanding the horizons of your marketing strategy and maybe hand it over to a PPC Agency. It’s an old adage in business that you have to speculate to accumulate, and remarketing is another clever way to increase conversions.

Google remarketing works by displaying ads to users who have previously visited your site. It’s ideal for e-commerce platforms, and is useful for helping to give customers that final push over the line into your checkout. Statistics suggest that 70% of potential sales are abandoned in digital shopping carts. In a world of digital shopping and short attention spans, remarketing is a useful tool for any small to medium size enterprise.