Branding Ideas To Help You Grow Your Local Business in 2020

Branding Ideas To Help You Grow Your Local Business in 2020

A study showed that more than 50% of people that saw business ads, felt that they didn’t effectively describe what was being advertised.

If your business is suffering, you may not be properly connecting with your audience in a way that they can understand. Here’s a guide to get more LinkedIn Recommendations. It will help you to get more business opportunities on LinkedIn.

In these cases, you must take a new approach to market your business and get your products and services out there.

Continue reading to discover some of the best branding ideas. They can help get you more business this year and clarify your services!

Focus on Facebook

Many small business branding ideas include the use of Facebook.

If you are looking for an exciting way to bring in customers and reach out to new crowds, you can use this social media platform. Make sure that you have a business Facebook page filled with useful information.

You can host contests on Facebook to draw in new crowds. Some people recommend having a guessing contest or some other competition to engage with customers. You can gift the winners a gift card that will bring them back again in the future.

Create a Hashtag

Social media plays a large role in the business industry.

Facebook is one of the most popular sites, but Instagram and Twitter can be just as useful, if not more. Try thinking of a unique hashtag that your company can use to promote its products and services.

Hashtags can trend and draw in customers from around the world. Popular sayings that are short and easy to spell are recommended.

One of the best parts about using hashtags is that your customers can market for your company as well. By tagging your business and using your hashtag on their post, they are telling their followers about you.

Update Your Logo

Many people don’t realize how big of a role logos play in a business.

The first thing that customers will judge your business on is the name, logo, and culture of the company. Right from the beginning, you will have to come up with a unique and creative logo that won’t be changed.

Logos help customers identify your company and remember your name.

Be Clear

Do people understand the concept of your business after describing it and showing advertisements?

If people don’t understand what you are selling, you may want to rebrand. Make sure that your ads aren’t misleading or containing more information than necessary. You should have all of your marketing pieces be simple and short to eliminate confusion.

For businesses that offer various products and services, make sure they are defined and separated. If someone thinks that you only sell cars, even though you also fix them, they will only go if they need a car.

Be as clear as you possibly can be and review your ads before sending them out.

Your Blog 

A great way to rebrand your company and get new customers is by supplying them with helpful information.

All types of companies have a blog page on their website that customers can go to for resources and information. You can learn easy SEO strategies to make money, all while marketing your business. It’s a win-win!

Talk with your team to see if anyone has experience or interest in writing to get started. You can talk about product reviews, healthy tips, and new trends in the industry.
Check Your Yelp Categories

Many people use Yelp to look at company reviews and discover new places to eat or find services.

If you want to rebrand your company, you should check on the categories your business falls under. If you are a restaurant, you will want to be in all of the categories that relate to it.

This also goes for other businesses as well. You can also encourage customers to post reviews on Yelp that will encourage business.
Use Online Ads

A great way to get more business in your community is by posting online ads.

Facebook and Google allow you to pay for ads so that your business pops up when people search relating keywords. If you are a cupcake store, you can buy these ads so that more people check out your cupcake site.

Although this may seem like a costly way to rebrand, it can help draw in more business that will pay for itself.


Remember that sign-up sheet you previously sent out to customers?

You can use this information to send out awesome deals and mobile coupons to your customers! Market your new products and services that people can get and include information about them in an email.

Sending mobile coupons can engage your customers and keep them coming back.

Let the People Find You

A business won’t be successful if no one can find it.

Many businesses include location distances on their social media ads and Google. When people search “coffee in Detroit,” your business can show how far away it is and how to get there.

You can also include a contact us or directions page on your site so that people can easily navigate to your location.

Business Branding Ideas that Work

Maybe you’re not getting as much business as you once did, or maybe you are just starting out. There are many branding ideas you can use to grab the community’s attention and let them learn about your products and services Posting ads, sending out coupons, and being active on social media can turn your profits around and make more money.