How to Get More LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can showcase your talent and create your own network. It is the best platform for all professionals irrespective of their age, gender, talent, experience, and qualifications. You can make your profile and connect with people who have the same interests as yours.

LinkedIn provides you a way of getting recommendations from others. People in your network can recommend you, and you can also recommend others. The recommendations on your profile show your skills, attitude, and collaboration. Therefore, it is important to have some value-driven recommendations on your profile. Today, we will tell you how to get more recommendations on your profile.

There are actually 2 ways you can do to get more LinkedIn Recommendations. The fastest way is to buy LinkedIn recommendations from a reliable digital marketing company. The other method is that you can get LinkedIn recommendations for free which requires more work.

In this post, we will share with you 5 ways that can help you to get more LinkedIn recommendations using free methods.

Top 5 Ways of Getting More LinkedIn Recommendations

Ask Your Friends and Project Mates on LInkedIn

The first and easiest way of getting LinkedIn recommendations is your friends and people who have worked with you in any project. You can contact them via LinkedIn and ask them to share their experience through recommendation. You can also write a recommendation for them in return.

Usually, students go through a Final-Year Project or anything like that. They can easily get recommendations from their project mates. It will be easy and quick.

Ask Your Colleagues

Your colleagues know you the best. Wherever you work, you can ask your colleagues, seniors, or bosses to write a recommendation. They can write a value-driven recommendation because they know your skills, and they have been working with you for some time. It is easier to get a recommendation from them. First, ask in person.

Request them to write a recommendation that shows their experience with you and your skills. It must not be something vague. The recommendation should be true and specific.

Write Recommendation for Others on LinkedIn

The best way to get something is to give first. If you want a recommendation from anyone, then you should write a recommendation for him/her. Go to the person’s profile and write a recommendation according to your experience with the person. Make sure you know the person, and you are writing a true recommendation.

The receiver will definitely be happy after seeing the recommendation, and he/she will probably write a recommendation for you in return. This is an excellent way of getting more and more recommendations. But you need to invest some time and wait for the results. Moreover, not everyone will write a recommendation for a recommendation, but there are higher success rates.

Send Personalized and Unique Requests on LinkedIn

If you want a recommendation from someone, then send personalized and unique requests. If you are using a template, it is not going to work well. You will not get results. So, you need to make the request unique and personal. You should share something that the receiver and you have experienced in the past or any common interest. This will engage the reader, and he/she is likely to leave a recommendation on your profile. Personalized requests have higher success rates.

Find People and Ask Them

For more recommendations, you need to find more people. Try to find people you know and send them a connection request. Once you are done with that, you can start a normal conversation and talk about work, skills, or anything professional.

You should never ask for recommendations after getting connection approval. It is necessary to build a relationship before asking for recommendations. Once you have talked a few times, you can ask for a recommendation. This will surely increase the number of recommendations you have.

Moreover, if you don’t know anyone, you can send a connection request. Again, try to make a professional relationship. Then, you can ask for a recommendation.

Final Words

LinkedIn recommendations are very helpful. They can attract recruiters and other people viewing your profile. Therefore, people usually try to get more recommendations. We have shared the top 5 ways to get more LinkedIn recommendations.

You can follow them properly and make sure to reach out to the person in a professional way. It is better to build a professional relationship before asking for recommendations. Moreover, after getting a recommendation, you should write a message to thank them and also write a recommendation in return.

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