5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Is Failing

5 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Is Failing

Do you think your social media marketing isn’t achieving the results you thought it would? There are a number of reasons why people have trouble adapting to social media marketing. Maybe they come from a traditional marketing background. Getting used to all this new technology can be tricky for some. Or maybe it isn’t working because you’re making the same mistakes over and over again, yet don’t realize it.

Many arrows miss their intended target, symbolizing a goal not achieved

Here are five common reasons why many online marketing campaigns don’t hit the spot:

1) You Don’t Have A Blog

Blogs are key in business these days. After all, if you aren’t posting to your blog, what can you share on social media? If you keep sharing other people’s content, your followers will start to get bored and could mute your account. So start posting to a company blog regularly to create more content for you to search and share to a wider audience. Local SEO is also important to ensure local people find your blog.

2) You’re Not Interacting With Followers

If you’re on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that you regularly get tweets from your followers. Some of these will hopefully be positive reviews of your service or product. However, there is a chance that you might get tweeted some criticism or negative reviews. If this happens, don’t just ignore them. Otherwise, you might come across as ignorant and not bothered. Instead, take the time to deal with any negativity to ensure your followers that it was a one-off situation.

3) You’re Only Promoting Yourself

The great thing about social media is that it gives you a channel to promote yourself to all your followers. However, if you over promote yourself, you will be doing yourself more harm than good. No one wants to see anyone blow their own trumpet. So be sure to share information that your audience might like to see. For example, promote other local businesses and companies in a similar line of work to yourself.

4) Your Website Doesn’t Mention Your Social Media

All of your social media accounts should be mentioned clearly on your website. That way, visitors to your website will be able to easily find your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts on social media platforms. And this should work the other way as well. Be sure to mention your website URL somewhere clearly on your social media accounts. Make sure all your sites and accounts promote each other. You’ll get more followers that way rather than hoping they discover you by accident.

5) Fresh Content

People will get tired of your social media if you don’t regularly update its content. And if you haven’t posted for a few months, your followers might even think that you’ve closed down. So be sure to stay on top of your social media and try to post fresh content whenever possible. This is another great reason why you need a blog. The more you post, the more fresh content you have for social media.