13 Million Facebook Users Have Never Adjusted Privacy Settings

13 Million Facebook Users Have Never Adjusted Privacy Settings

study done by marketing blog Marketo has found that, despite growing concerns surrounding Facebook privacy and the release of Graph Search, 13 million users have never touched their privacy settings.

Graph Search, the upcoming feature that will allow users to search through posts and pictures, has raised privacy concerns among plugged-in web users. However, as the Marketo infographic indicates, not everyone is up to speed with Facebook privacy protection. The study also found that 28 percent of Facebook users share all, or almost all, of their Facebook posts with a group of users that includes more than just their friends, and 11 percent of Facebook users claim to have had someone else try to access their account without their permission. As an added kick in the pants to users to increase their privacy settings, the study also points out that 91 percent of employers screen a prospective employee’s Facebook profile before hiring.

With the impending release of Graph Search, there’s no better time to adjust your privacy settings, if you have not already done so. Comb through your pictures and location tags to ensure they’re properly secured, and untag yourself from anything you don’t want associated with your name. Even if you think your page is properly locked down, give it a once-over; it pays in the long run to ensure your privacy is correctly protected.

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