YouTube’s Most Popular Building and DIY Channels: Can You Join Them?

First created in 2005, YouTube is now a phenomenon that’s revolutionized the way we access videos and created career paths for everyone from vlogger and businessperson, Zoe Sugg to precocious young entrepreneurs like YouTube millionaire, Aleric Heck.

The platform has become a home for popular channels covering a range of topics and themes. Whether we want to be entertained, amused, or informed, there’s something to suit a range of tastes. One area that’s joined the series of channels is DIY and construction, with interesting and often amusing content on display to millions of subscribers across a diverse array of channels.

So, who are these construction and DIY superstars? And how do you use your own DIY knowledge to set up your own YouTube channel?

The Big Players

There are so many different building and DIY channels to browse on YouTube. Before you get lost down the rabbit hole, here’s a look at some of the most popular ones right now:

Hydraulic Press Channel

This YouTube hit has almost 2.9 million subscribers and was launched in 2015 by Lauri Vuohensilta, a Finnish workshop owner, and his wife Anni. Its premise is simple: what happens when different items and materials are crushed by a hydraulic press?

The first video showed Lauri trying to fold a piece of paper more than seven times with a hydraulic press. The video went on to become a viral hit, receiving over two million views in a day and leading to the formation of the Hydraulic Press Channel. The duo asks questions like ‘How strong are car springs?’ and ‘How strong are metals?’, inviting viewers to follow them as they provide the answers.


Famous before his channel became a hit, former plumber Colin Furze uses the video platform to share his wacky inventions to almost 11 million subscribers. Colin first became well known thanks to his appearances on Sky1’s Gadget Geeks, however it was his wall of death ramp that he uploaded to the site in 2007 that saw the beginnings of his YouTube career.

Some of his creations have included a scooter that includes a flame thrower, Wolverine claws made with a pneumatic system, and a hoverbike made with two paramotors.

Primitive Technology

This construction-themed channel goes back to basics, showing how to make tools and buildings using materials found in the wild. The Australian-based channel was launched by John Plant in 2015 and has racked up 10.4 million subscribers.

John describes what he does as a hobby, but in each video he skilfully takes viewers through the process of making buildings and the tools needed to create them just using what he finds nearby. He never uses modern tools for these projects and kept himself anonymous in the videos for the first two years of the channel.

How To Become A DIY And Construction Vlogger

Feeling inspired? If you want to join these vloggers, there are several things to consider.

First, you need to have a creative or industry-led skill that you’re willing to show to viewers. Perhaps you’re a carpenter by trade and want to show how to make your own furniture from scratch or maybe you want to join Lauri and Anni and demonstrate different ways of crushing things.

Whatever you want your channel to look like, you’ll need to ensure you’re keeping yourself and those around you safe. Invest in high quality protective equipment and consider what this equipment will be. For instance, if you’re using noisy machinery, you’ll need a good pair of ear defenders. 

You’ll also need recording equipment. As you’re just starting out, you can use your phone to record your first videos, but as time goes on you might need to invest in more advanced cameras and mics.

Finally, you’ll need to be patient. While it can seem like some YouTube stars appear from nowhere, they’ll have put in a lot of work over time to get to the point they’re at.