Your Guide To Finding An
Orange County Employment Lawyer

When we think about the ways that the United States of America has changed in the past few decades or even the past century, what do we think of?  Perhaps one of your first thoughts is about politics or technology.  Both are of course valid perceptions, but I would like to highlight a few other points that sometimes get overlooked.

One of the largest things that has changed in my opinion are the laws surrounding child labor.  Imagine if we had not created a legislature to prevent the exploitation of children. I am sure that we would still be seeing a slew of controversies surrounding underage workers being put in dangerous situations.

Obviously, this is something huge that employment law covers, as you can see on  Of course, that is not the only thing, though.  In fact, a lot of the rights that we currently take for granted in our places of work are relatively new.

The Importance of Labor Laws

Most of us are aware that legislature is a critical part of how most governments operate.  When it comes to the laws surrounding work and employment, though, I think that we can sometimes underestimate just how much they matter.  I certainly did not realize this until I started to do more research on the topic, that is for sure.

Essentially, they serve as protections and/or methods to safeguard employees in their workspaces.  A large reason that they were created in the first place was to protect factory workers and miners, as well as those who were involved in the steel industry.  For those that know any of the history surrounding these topics, you probably know why that is such a big deal.

So, there are clearly a few reasons that this does matter so much.  In terms of regulation, though, who is in charge?  For anyone in the United States, that would be the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commonly known as OSHA.  Most people have at least heard of them already, even if they are not super familiar with them as a department.

What About the Lawyers, Then?

The legislation that comes from this is designed to protect both us and our employers.  So, in some ways, it can work both ways.  However, what I would like to impart above all else here is the value of learning our rights.  While it can be difficult to read at times, it is worth at least combing over.  If you are not sure where to start, might be a valuable resource.While attorneys are common in pop culture iconography, not many people know what is really involved in being one or becoming one.  Most end up selecting a field to specialize in.  Some examples of this could be divorce, business, or criminal cases.  Today, though, I will focus on employment lawyers.

They are relatively accessible to find in a place like Orange County, so we can use that as our location in this example.  What are some problems that they could potentially assist you with?  There are three major tenants of this type of attorney.

One that we hear about fairly often is discrimination.  If you go with an Orange County employment lawyer, chances are that they have some experience in this field.  That is because it is one of the biggest issues in the modern office or workforce.

Why is that?  Well, it is a fact that this country is becoming a more diverse space.  Every year, that only becomes more apparent.  While most of us are welcoming and accepting of this, there are unfortunately some rotten eggs in positions of power in offices across the country.  This means that discriminatory practices can occur and even be blatant, and some of us can feel quite powerless to stop them.

Of course, this is actually quite illegal to do.  There are laws in place here in the United States that protect employees from discrimination on many fronts.  You cannot be denied employment or treated differently at your job because of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and more.

Why does it still happen?  Well, often, when bigots have positions as managers or even higher up the food chain, they feel untouchable.  They treat their workers poorly and discriminate thinking they can get off scot-free.  This does not have to be true.

My advice in general, though, is to be vigilant.  Do not be afraid to report if you see wrongdoings in your place of work. You can learn more about what this might look like at

What else do employment lawyers handle?  Well, pension disputes are a big one.  If a company goes under or defaults, that can often leave their retired employees in a huge mess.  Pensions are a critical part of retirement for a lot of people, after all, and having one taken away after all of that work and dedication can be painful, and even jeopardizing, for some.

The other thing is assisting with unemployment compensation disputes and filings.  I am sure that this is something relevant to many of us still, even if the quarantine era of this pandemic seems to be over.  So many are still left without jobs and with nowhere left to turn.

While we might not see the work they do, employment lawyers are doing a lot behind the scenes.  If you find yourself needing assistance with one of the issues I mentioned above, you might benefit from contacting one.  This is especially true if you are in the Orange County area.

Life can get busy, so it is sometimes easier to just overlook these things.  Even more common is for us to feel hopeless or without recourse.  Ideally, though, this article has helped you to realize this is not always the case!