Winter Hazards: 3 Ways to Stay Safe This Year

Winter Hazards: 3 Ways to Stay Safe This Year

Anyone who has never experienced a real, frozen, and biting cold winter may be surprised over just how many hazards there are out there. Besides from risking your bones while sliding down the slippery ice in the morning, you may face the icy roads in your car instead – or just walk underneath a building at the wrong time.

While winter may be the most festive season we have, it’s also the season for meeting warning signs about icicles and slippery roads wherever you walk as well as all of the health issues many of us face during the dark months. There is still a while to go, though, before the days are warm and bright again so you might as well try to make the next couple of months a bit safer.

Here is a handful of tips to share with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues so that you can all stay safe and dry without making any urgent trips to the doctor’s office any time soon. That way, you won’t dread next year’s winter as much either.

Be aware of the dangers on the road

Sure, we have already mentioned the dangers of slipping and sliding on the ice during winter but what about all the other hazards? With the days being so cold and dark lately, there is also an increased risk of running into people who have been a bit too festive – and perhaps even gotten into their car and behind the steering wheel.

One of the few reasons we put up with this sad and soggy weather is, of course, because there are so many social events and festive celebrations to help us through it. Keeping this in mind when you’re out enjoying yourself, however, could help to save someone from an auto accident – and you’ll be making everyone a bit more responsible as well.

Book your friend a taxi if he or she is about to drive home while they’re under the influence, and remember that you can pop by our Fredericksburg location in case you’ve already experienced an auto accident that wasn’t your fault. While it may be a bit more dangerous out on the roads lately, you can still find ways to make it a bit safer by staying responsible and taking care of those around you.

Enjoy sunlight and exercise

Feeling blue and unable to get out of bed may not sound as dangerous as running into a drunk driver on the road, but seasonal depression is something that affects as many as one in three people in the UK.

Women are also 40% more likely to be affected by this, by the way, and it’s important to treat your mind and body to what it needs during these long months: sunlight and exercise.

Sunlight is, undoubtedly, the most important factor to staying happy and energized during the winter but some healthy exercise will also help you to enjoy some dopamine when you need it the most. Don’t let the dark weather get the best of you this winter; have a look at these sunlamps, go for a jog before the sun sets, and remember to enjoy the company of others as well.

Colds and Flu

Some health issues seem to return with the weather and, considering just how cold and dark it is, it’s really not that strange. When everyone at the office is coughing and sneezing, it’s important that you remember to take care of yourself as well; wash your hands a bit more regularly and avoided touching your face/eyes, stay at home if you’re feeling sick, and dress properly in layers to keep warm.

It won’t guarantee you a season free from coughs and running noses but it will definitely make your chances a bit bigger. When it comes to both of these conditions, prevention is always a lot better than treating it once you’re already suffering so cover up in warm clothes, wash your hands, and send your co-workers home if they’re ill.

That way, the entire office won’t be affected and you can continue to enjoy the winter without struggling with a virus infection.