Why Swimming After a Workout is a Great Idea

Why Swimming After a Workout is a Great Idea

Whether it’s a long run in hot weather or a heavy weight lifting work out, following a challenging workout with a swim is a great idea. Not only is swimming a great way to help you cool down after a hot and sweaty workout, but it’s also one of the best ways to help you enhance your training goals and get closer to the results that you want. Here are the top reasons to finish your workout with swimming.

Cools Body Temperature

After a hot, sweaty workout – particularly in hot or humid conditions, you’re sure to find the pool water very cooling and refreshing. In fact, it will only take about five minutes or so in the pool before you begin to feel refreshed and less hot and sticky. If you are feeling hot and tired after working out, jumping in the pool to simply tread water for five to ten minutes is a great way to cool yourself down and transition into the water.

You Could Get a Second Wind

If you’re feeling tired and unable to carry on working out, you might surprise yourself when you jump into the pool. Many people call the renewed energy that they feel when they get into the pool a ‘second wind’. This is because a lot of the time, you’re too tired to continue working out because you are overheating; cooling yourself down in the pool can help you to overcome the fatigue you’re experiencing from your workout.

Aid Recovery

Another great reason to join a gym with swimming pool facilities is that going for a swim after a hard workout can help aid in muscle recovery and mobility. Getting in the pool for a gentle swim or even just treading water can be one of the best ways to aid your recovery from a long run, challenging high repetition workout session, weightlifting reps or rucks. Another great way to add to your pool time after a workout and really get the most from your gym session is to add in as many dynamic stretches as you can while in the pool.

Improve Your Swimming Skills

Last but not least, going for a swim after working out gives you a great opportunity to work on improving your swimming skills and technique. Whilst it may require some greater focus to work on your swimming skills and techniques when you are tired after working out, the added benefit of this is that it’ll be easier for you to learn new swimming skills or create stronger memories when it comes to what is required to move more efficiently in the water. If you feel too tired to swim, then don’t worry – there are several other elements that you can focus on in the pool, such as treading water, swimming survival skills, or drownproofing.

Jumping into the pool after a hard workout can be an extremely refreshing feeling, and it has plenty of added benefits for your body, mind and your overall results!