Why Starting a Business Is
Better Than Finding a Job

After you’ve completed your university or college education, you’ll have three choices when it comes to making money. You may start your business if you have sufficient capital for the venture. You also have the option to get a job and pursue your career with other professionals in a company setting. The third choice involves finding a job, then saving some money to start your own business.

For many reasons, starting your own business right away can be the best decision you can ever make. Let’s explore why.


When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re free to do whatever you please. The amount of flexibility you’ll get when you own a business is unmatched:

  • You can wake up when you want.
  • You don’t answer anyone.
  • You can schedule any meeting based on your convenience or profit.

If you’re employed, you’re likely not to be impressed with every aspect of your job. With your boss on your neck always sending you on errands you don’t like, you’ll really hate to work under someone else’s command. Starting a business gives you the flexibility that you won’t find when working for a company.


When you run your own business, you’ll decide the price of your products. You’re also free to choose the client you wish to work with based on the level of revenue they bring in, and you can charge any fee for your skills. The freedom to decide what your income is may not be available for the employed individuals.

As an employee, you’ll have to wait week after week for a standard paycheck. What’s more, it might take years before you’re promoted to a higher income level, and the decision for a salary increment is never yours. But, as a business owner, you get to decide when you work, and how. In addition, you get to hire the people who will help you build your business operation. Train your employees well and you’ll be rewarded with a successful business. Pay your employees on time and be sure to provide them with a pay stub you can create with a check stub maker.

Your business may seem less lucrative when starting, but your income potential will increase by the day. Creating it even earlier while still in college is even better since you’ll afford to pay those who write essays for money when you’re busy with your business.


As an entrepreneur, you can have a unique way of presenting yourself. You choose your preferred lifestyle, including dressing how you want, saying what you feel like, or living how you want. You don’t need to worry about what other people think about you because you’re working because that’s what you want, and not because you have to.

Many things can hinder you from living the way you want to in a work environment. For instance, most employers have unique restrictions on how staff dress or carry themselves around. Fortunately, this isn’t your lifestyle when you’re self-employed.


Have you ever been forced to stay for long hours with people you don’t like? Well, that’s what most employed people struggle with every day.

As the company proprietor, you enjoy the luxury of choosing your own team, when you want to work with them, and how you’ll do it. Whether it’s a colleague, a third-party supplier, or even a client, you’ll not be forced to interact with someone who doesn’t bring the energy you need.

You want to surround yourself with as many loyal individuals as you like. You want reliable partners, qualified colleagues, and the right customers to help you achieve your goals. People are among the key reasons why most opt for businesses because you can choose who they want to team up with.


Operating a business presents lots of wild opportunities. For instance, most first-time entrepreneurs enjoy their tax refund checks without even knowing such a thing existed. You also get the opportunity to network with professionals and key industry players. You’ll create relationships that would benefit you in the business sense and expose your expertise or solution to your target market and achieve growth in the public eye.

You’ll Boost Your Expertise

Getting a job is a great way to grow professionally. You’ll meet other professionals with the same skillset and vast experience. However, the room for growth is relatively limited compared to when you start your own business.

Establishing your own practice or company allows you to become an expert quickly. Since you’re free to choose your preferred field in business, working yourself to the top will be a relatively more manageable process. Since you’ll also network with other established entrepreneurs both in and outside your niche, you can quickly expand your expertise in your field of specialization and management skills at the same time.

The fear of failure makes most people opt for employment rather than starting their own company right after college. A job has its unique benefits, but it’s only through self-employment that you can achieve big dreams in your style and pace.