Why Most Business
Marketing Strategies Fail

Why Most Business Marketing Strategies Fail

Marketing is an essential business function. It helps firms communicate the value of a product or service to its intended audience. Without marketing, you would seldom have any customers – or a business left to run.


It’s standard practice for firms to come up with marketing strategies on a regular basis. After all; it ensures that their brand is fresh in the minds of their customers. But, did you know that many business marketing strategies get doomed to failure? Here’s why that happens:

They Aren’t Planned

There’s an old saying that applies to marketing: “preparation is the key to success”. It’s shocking, but many firms spend their marketing budget without doing any researching first. The cause is often down to someone that thinks an idea sounds good without doing any proper research.

Before embarking on any marketing campaign, one must determine the likelihood of its success. If it’s not a viable option, find another one that is.

They Are Just A Copy Of Someone Else’s Marketing Strategies

Some people think that it’s easy to imitate another company’s success. But just because a particular strategy worked for them doesn’t mean it will for you.

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No One Asks What The Customers Want

When you run a marketing campaign, you do so to attract interest in something from customers old and new. But many companies fail to ask their target audience what interests them.

People’s needs evolve all the time. To survive in business one must change with those needs. Otherwise, they could end up selling to a niche that no longer exists.

The Same Strategy Gets Used All The Time

Let’s say that one specific strategy offered great results once upon a time. Can you be sure that it will keep on doing that? Some companies suck at marketing because they just do the same thing over and over again.

The only way you can grow your business is to offer something that your competitors don’t. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a different type of product. It could be better customer service. Or it could even be a fun and interesting take on something mundane. The key to marketing is finding that unique selling point and taking advantage of it.

There Are No Defined Goals

When you create a marketing campaign, what is it you hope to achieve? That should be the number one question companies ask themselves. I still find it surprising that many businesses fail to answer that question.

For instance, let’s say you pay for sponsored posts on Facebook. What is the goal? Is it to get more “Likes”? Or is it to drive more traffic to your website? You shouldn’t just carry out such a campaign for the sake of it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above list, there are many reasons why marketing strategies fail. It’s crucial that yours is bulletproof before you start setting it in motion.