Why Meta’s Twitter Rival, Threads, Is The Beginning of the End for Twitter
Luke Lintz

On July 6th, a new social media app emerged as a direct challenge to Twitter. Threads, launched by Facebook’s parent company Meta, has the potential to become a game-changer in the world of social media. With its familiar user interface, Threads seems to be an exact replica of Twitter but backed by a social media conglomerate of unprecedented scale. The sheer size of the combined user base from Instagram and Facebook gives Threads a significant advantage and could potentially make it a Twitter killer.

Why Meta’s Twitter Rival, Threads, Is The Beginning of the End for TwitterI downloaded Threads within the first hour of its release. Linking my Instagram account immediately allowed me to follow the same people I follow on Instagram, and within moments, I gained thousands of active followers and currently sitting at just above 30K followers.

The key differentiating factor here is Meta’s backing. This is what sets Threads apart from other platforms like True Social, which cater to specific niche audiences. Focusing on a particular political spectrum or ideology can harm a social media platform’s success. It fails to harness the power of virality and controversy, which drive engagement and growth on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and even Twitter.

If Threads gains ownership over Twitter, it will monopolize the social media space. With Instagram Reels competing against TikTok and IG Stories dominating the market once owned by Snapchat, Threads taking over Twitter completes an impressive portfolio of platforms under Meta’s umbrella.

In my opinion, Twitter was already on a downward spiral, even before Elon Musk’s involvement. The platform was struggling to compete with other social media giants, despite its dominance in the short form blogging space. By launching Threads, a direct competitor backed by a strong foundation, Twitter faces an even steeper uphill battle.

Regarding Musk’s influence on Twitter, he is doing the best he can by moving it towards becoming a private company. This theory may be controversial, but I think Musk’s ultimate goal is transforming Twitter into a decentralized social media network. Decentralized social networks aim to provide an alternative to traditional centralized social media platforms by leveraging blockchain technology. These networks prioritize user ownership and control over their data, as well as fostering a more open and collaborative environment for developers. This shift could have both positive and negative implications for Twitter’s future, as it would grant access to open-source data currently stored exclusively by Twitter.

Having a single company own all major social media networks and controlling audience attention is precarious. Meta’s previous actions suggest a left-leaning stance as a company. Some controversial decisions, like banning accounts that express dissenting views on COVID-19, raise concerns about content control and the imposition of specific viewpoints on a massive scale.

Looking ahead, I see Threads as the clear winner in this race. It allows users to transfer their Instagram usernames and followers to Threads, which is a significant advantage. As an Instagram user with over a million followers, this integration appeals to me personally. For the average user, I don’t anticipate significant changes in terms of user experience. However, I do expect Threads to attract new users who were never part of the Twitter community, including myself. Twitter has always been a niche platform with a specific user base, whereas platforms like Instagram and TikTok have a broader appeal and attract users from various social media platforms.

This transition won’t happen overnight. Threads will likely bring in a new user base, while existing Twitter users may test the waters. Nevertheless, this strategic move by Meta to launch Threads at the perfect time aligns with the growing trend of short-form content dominating the social media landscape in 2023.

Threads has the potential to revolutionize the way we engage with social media. While it may spell the beginning of the end for Twitter, it also opens up new possibilities for users and content creators alike. Only time will tell how this unfolds, but one thing is certain: Threads is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving world of social media.

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