Why Marketing Communication
Managers Are Needed in Agencies

For those who have spent time working in marketing agencies, it’s no secret that these environments can be chaotic due to the many projects being juggled at any given time. While some marketing agencies assign various individuals to oversee various aspects of projects — this tactic can sometimes result in disaster. Thankfully, there is an easy and logical way to avoid problems of this nature.

Marketing communication managers are a natural antidote to the hectic nature of managing various clients and projects in a marketing agency. As such, these professionals can help transform the efficiency and productivity of any marketing agency. Here is why communication managers are needed in agencies.

Understanding the Role of
Marketing Communication Managers

Before one can understand how tremendously valuable a marketing communications manager can be to an agency, it’s necessary to understand what their role is and what their duties and responsibilities encompass.

The role of marketing communications managers has to do with two distinct fields, marketing, and communications. Marketing typically refers to an organization’s plan to get products or services to consumers in a broad sense, a plan for disseminating brand-awareness from a macro-level. Conversely, communications — while it is a marketing tool itself — typically refers to specific ways in which an organization communicates its value to consumers in media such as brochures and emails.

Marketing communication managers are experts in both the fields of marketing and communication. This means that they have an invested interest in both the more general marketing strategy of an organization along with specific instances of marketing communications efforts.

Typically, marketing communication managers have two key roles. The first is overseeing the work of an organization’s marketing team and their various projects. The second role is acting as a point of contact for other leaders within an organization, such as sales managers.

How Marketing Communication
Managers Benefit Agencies

Marketing communication managers can benefit marketing agencies in a myriad of ways. Understanding these benefits can make it easier for agencies to commit to the decision of hiring a marketing communication manager. Here are the ways that marketing communication managers can help agencies.

Improve Efficiency

In marketing agencies, a lack of communication and oversight can sometimes result in processes taking longer than they need to. With a marketing communication manager overseeing projects and communicating with other departments, agencies can ensure that all of their projects are being completed efficiently. This can aid agencies in being more productive with their time while also providing clients with quicker work.

Provide Guidance on Marketing Strategies

In any given department in a marketing agency, there is likely many people with varying opinions. While more ideas can ultimately translate into more robust work, the process of various professionals deciding whose idea to run with can be time consuming and tense. Marketing communication managers have the ability to help various teams decide how to proceed with marketing strategies. This can help make these situations less of a challenge to overcome.

A Marketing Resource for Employees

Marketing communication managers are experts in both the fields of marketing and communication. Given their highly develop specialized knowledge, they can act as a great resource for teams finding that they need guidance for a particular project. Marketing managers can help teams develop strong marketing strategies in the initial phases while also sharing information about the intricacies of various types of advertising methods and how they’re used.

Ensure Communication Between Departments

Though it is commonly used as an exaggerated stereotype, there does sometimes exist a schism between creative professionals and more business-oriented professionals. Within an organization, tension and a lack of effective communication between various departments can result in problems.

Marketing communication managers ensure that there is effective two-way communication between various departments. This means that there will be a marked reduction in tension and instances of miscommunication between departments.

Guide Marketing Departments to Meet Organizational Goals

While many marketing professionals are incredibly talented in what they do, they may be inclined to prioritize their own vision over the broader goals of their organization. Marketing communication managers are able to guide marketing teams in a way that ensures that they are contributing to efforts to reach organizational goals. This can result in an organization being more successful and effective in all of its efforts.

Agencies Need Marketing Communication
Managers to Reach Their Full Potential

While many marketing agencies have been able to get by without marketing communication managers, they definitely haven’t been reaching their full potential. Marketing communication managers can help agencies in a number of profound ways ranging from increasing efficiency to helping produce more effective marketing strategies.

It seems likely that more and more agencies will begin to hire marketing communication managers until it becomes a normalized part of marketing agency practices.