Why Is Social Media Detox Important?

Why Is Social Media Detox Important?

Detox – it is the most important word that can drive the development of social media into a whole different way. Today we can no longer think about a world without the internet or social media channels. However, put it into proper perspective, and you will understand that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and generally, the internet as we use it today is relatively new. The world has adapted to this new online world quite quickly and it might be the time to start acknowledging where do we stand in this new world and how do we want to perceive it. The process has already started. While people spend hours on social media on a daily basis, more and more headlines are suggesting to detox from social media. Chances are your friends have mentioned it in conversation that they want to take a break from social media channels, or perhaps you might have been this person yourself.

Social Detox

Why Do We Want To Detox From Social Media?

The reasons can be different for every person, but generally, there are several main ones. Today Social media is such a strong channel for marketers, businesses and advertisers that we all feel like a target. In the past, one could hang up the phone when someone was offering a great deal on insurance, turn off a TV or politely say no to the salespeople knocking on your door. Today there is no way to avoid promotional content when you are on social media. It is everywhere and it is actively targeting you. The other and one of the most important reasons for the young generation is the constant comparison to their peers. Users of social media are actively comparing themselves with others based on the number of likes on their photos and number of friends or followers, that puts a lot of pressure to them which they want to avoid now.

Switching To Healthier Communication

The main reason why many cannot stop using social media all day long is called FOMO, fear of missing out. To say simply, people are scared that while they are not on social media, they will be absent from something interesting, something that everyone is talking about. However, the picture is changing now as social media channels have started to help people detox and have a healthier time on different channels. For example, Instagram has started testing hiding likes from the news feed in a couple of countries and if it’s successful, we might not be able to see how many likes the posts of other people have. Facebook has also started talking about making the platform more private for users and changed the way businesses can target customers with advertisements. It might lead to a new type of social media where users are more actively engaged in setting rules and deciding what kind of advertisements they are getting, and if they want to see any of them at all.

Have A Genuine Relationship With Customers

Make sure that your communication is natural, human, and it is not all about sales. The only way to keep your audience around you is to entertain them and engage them and the best way to do that is through storytelling. It will help you establish communication with your audience and keep them emotionally engaged with your brand. This way they will choose to keep you visible on their social media feed.

Keep Up With Micro Influencers

Apart from storytelling, using micro influencers is a great way to keep your audience involved and interested. Make micro influencers your brand ambassadors and create a community and conversation around them. Consumers today tend to believe micro influencers more than big celebrity names or commercials, since it is easier to connect and communicate with them.

Give Customers Some Space

The content can be brand and sales oriented. Both of them are very important for your business. However, do not forget to have some fun involved in your marketing strategy. It means having space between your brand and sales content and giving customers entertainment and the possibility to connect with you. Talk about different things that might be interesting for your audience, that does not involve your brand name or product.

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