Why Is Digital Marketing Important
to The Casino Industry?

What Is Digital Marketing?

The internet brought a rise in everything being online. Nowadays, we are used to finding all of our needs met through the internet, we can do grocery shopping online, pay our bills online, buy clothes, gadgets, and talk online. However, we often forget that one part of the growth in being online is the rise of online gambling. People went from arcades and land-based casinos to online games and online casinos.

There is no surprise about this as the online world is fully accessible from the comfort of your couch, on your phone, tablet, or pc. And, whenever we go online, we are inundated with digital marketing, we just do not necessarily realize it as it is a big and constant part of our online lives. Go on Facebook and you will see adverts, ads will pop up before Facebook videos, you will find emails in your inbox from companies you have bought from before. All of this and more is what counts as digital marketing. It is in fact anything that is done using the online world.

While this strategy for marketing can be used for anyone, it is more than ever at the disposal of gambling, and why? Because casinos are online now, more than they are in the flesh.

Online Casinos and Digital Marketing

Since the boom of the internet, casinos shifted online, and the online casino market grew. While online gambling is not completely legal in every state, it still has a massive market and millions of people gamble online.

Casinos online can’t use the traditional billboard and traditional marketing methods that land-based casinos can. When a service is provided online, the best place for them to advertise is also online, and this is what online casinos do. Think about the last time you were watching a video on YouTube, or scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, how many adverts did you see? Thousands perhaps? And how many were for online casinos, and you didn’t even realize. What about mobile games? These games will often be jam-packed with adverts, especially if they are free to play, and there will always be an online gambling advert.

Digital marketing can be adverts you see on social media, but it can also be emails, texts, content marketing and affiliate marketing, as well as SEO (search engine optimization) for websites and online searches. Digital marketing is an absolute pinnacle of the modern world, and most companies, no matter what they specialize in, will take to online marketing/ digital marketing.

Why Casinos Need Digital Marketing

But why does something as traditional as casinos need digital marketing? This is all thanks to the shifting of gambling from land-based to online. Who wants to be dressing up and leaving the house to go out and gamble, when instead you could sit in the comfort of your own home, in your PJs, on the couch, snacking on chips, chocolate, or a bucket of ice cream and gamble instead?

In fact, when it comes to gambling, online betting represents the largest sector in the gambling industry with a total of $4.3 billion wagers or 52.3% of the overall market, this includes online wagers and racetrack betting.

So, if online gambling is doing so well, why does it need digital marketing? How else would the companies that provide these services make such big bucks if they did not put money into advertising.

What would be the point in an online service advertising on the side of a bus, in a newspaper, or a radio advert? Instead, these companies target a vast majority of their marketing right to where the gamblers are at. The people they are looking to target are likely already online, so using digital marketing they can target their audience exactly where they need to, online!

It is much easier and means that rather than trying to find the site, all they need to do is click on a link, and they are at the website, it is quick and easy which is exactly what we all want nowadays.

What Would Happen If Casinos Lost Digital Marketing?

The loss of digital marketing for the casino industry would likely be detrimental. Part of the benefit of digital marketing is its ease for online providers to online customer connection. Remove digital marketing and all you have left is traditional marketing methods, TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, flyers and so on. People are less likely to go to a website when they have to search for it themselves, clicking a link is easier.

Online casinos, betting, and gambling needs digital marketing to draw in online gamblers with no more than the click of a link. It is so easy and simple. The two are inseparable.