Why Is Audio Quality
Important in Advertising?

Are you a filmmaker seeking a way to make money while still using your talents? Want to improve the quality of your advertising videos? Your company or group may benefit from creating a heartfelt highlight video.

High-quality audio is essential for preparing for an interview or a product demonstration. To help you understand its importance, you could visit mediamedic.studio for their expert advice.

On another note, we’ve compiled several reasons why you should consider audio quality in your advertising approaches, starting with:

It Touches on Emotions

You can’t have good sound on a wedding video, can you? The couple’s vows are muddled and difficult to follow. Slow-motion effects and well-placed fade-ins are still present.

The video editing is flawless, but the audio hasn’t received any editing at all. It wouldn’t have the same flavor or impact as if it had. Then you’d do a complete 180. Some wouldn’t mind if this were their wedding video, particularly if they paid for the video service.

When it comes to videos, good sound is essential. The same rule applies whether it’s a dub, live recording, or a background track. You may create a heartfelt and inspirational wedding film by using high-quality audio.

Effective advertising is necessary for contacting prospective consumers and enlightening them about your services or goods. Ideally, advertising should attract the attention of potential consumers and persuade them to reach out to you.

Regardless of the technique you choose, your advertising must clearly and consistently represent your company’s unique positioning statement.

Sounds Set the Tone

The usage of sound and music in a video may significantly impact the piece’s overall mood. When it comes to selecting music for a video, you probably have an idea of the kind of film you’re making in mind.

The advertising promoting Thai soap operas, for example, is story-based. They only employ music that goes well with a sad or depressing scenario. Light music and sound effects are often used in commercials meant to be humorous.

With whatever video you create, this is true. Highlight and introduction videos are often made in video marketing. It’s up to you to choose a song from among the plethora of fun and unique options available.

Any communication designed to inform, educate, convince, or re-establish consumer awareness of a brand’s existence falls under the umbrella of advertising. For advertising to be effective, filmmakers must use it with other marketing tactics and business factors.

How Can We Make It Better?

Use A Small Recording Device

Choose a device with a long battery life that is also dependable, sturdy, and simple to use. Please put this in the subject’s jacket pocket so your staff may keep it there for the interview duration.

Some recorders aren’t directly connected to your camera, so you’ll have to edit your video to match the timing of the audio.

Once your video and audio are both recorded, ask a friend to clap twice as loudly as you can. When editing, look for the clapping sound, making it simpler to sync.

On the bright side, the device captures clear audio without the requirement to be in the range of the camera using this mode of recording.

Buy A Shotgun Microphone

Using a shotgun microphone on your camera is highly recommended for recording speeches, conferences, and lectures if the speaker is standing still and speaking directly into the camera. Using a shotgun microphone necessitates that you aim it towards your subject.

It could precisely target your subject’s chest to get the finest effects. Keep in mind that if your subject turns their head or moves out of the shotgun mic’s field of view, the audio will be distorted.

This may be fixed by using a windsock that comes with the microphone or by using a parabolic microphone with a tiny shield around it to filter out sounds from either side and magnify sounds coming straight at the microphone.

A shotgun microphone is a suitable alternative if you don’t have the time or resources to mike up your subject.

Invest In Wireless Microphone System

The best option is to use a cordless microphone setup. It allows the receiver that fits on top of your camera and plugs straight in keeps your audio in perfect time with your visuals.

In this way, you may record your subject’s voice clearly and accurately. When recording, you’ll need to be within a 100-foot radius of your subject, which isn’t a problem in most cases.


We’ll leave you with one more suggestion: hire a professional video storyteller to record and edit your commercials.

Even if making your own films might save you money in the short term, the danger of alienating your audience with a poor production value outweighs the savings.