Why Blogging Is Important for Every Business
(Yes, Even Yours)

Once upon a time, blogs were just fun platforms that let you send your innermost thoughts into the void.

Today, they’re a vital tool that businesses can’t afford to pass up—and that includes yours! After all, there’s a reason why half of the top 200 Fortune 500 companies boasted a company blog in 2018.

If you’re on the fence about this valuable resource, it pays to learn more about the benefits of a blog. Here’s why blogging is important.

Boost Your Business’s SEO

If you’re aiming to rise in the ranks of the search engine results pages, blogging for business can be an easy way to get started. From Google to Bing, search engines love fresh and informative content, and they’ll reward you for it by showing your site to more searchers.

Make the most of this boost—and enhance your SEO even more—by weaving in relevant keywords to showcase the types of products and services you offer.

Keep Your Audience Updated About Your Business

Having a company website is a great way to present the basics of your business, but starting a blog is a good way to make sure that information is consistently updated.

A blog is a free platform that lets you share important news, product updates, and company events. It’s also a great source of content to share with your followers on social media.

Establish Yourself as an Industry Authority

When your audience looks to you for information, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. Whether you’re an HVAC company like Schneider Mechanical or a pet-sitting business like Whiskers to Tails, it’s important to share the facts your customers are looking for.

This can mean explaining the benefits of your products, exploring industry trends, or providing “how-to” guides to solve your audience’s problems. Check out the business blog examples above, and research on your own, to find the kinds of posts that will work for your company.

Connect Your Brand to Your Audience

One of the best blogging benefits is that a well-organized blog can help you establish and cultivate a brand personality. In other words, writing about your company can show off who you are and what drives you, not just what you do.

This in turn can help you build brand awareness by engaging your audience on a more personal level. You might even want to invite feedback about your business right on your blog, prompting further connections with your brand.

Understand Why Blogging Is Important

One of the reasons many businesses don’t bother to create a blog is because they don’t understand why blogging is important. But in truth, blogging offers a huge range of benefits for your business, allowing you to engage your target audience and set yourself apart from competitors. If you haven’t created one already, now is a good time to consider it!