Why Are DGT Boards So Expensive?

Are you a chess player looking on to up your game? You want to transform your experience playing chess. After some search and talks with colleagues and coaches, they are recommending the DGT board. These electronic boards are the game-changer that will not only make enhance your skills but also offer a new gaming experience.

You have listened to them and it’s now your moment to act on their advice. You take a step to find an e-board. But when looking at the search results, you are surprised. The boards’ price seems to be out of this world. In fact, you find that the cheapest DGT electronic chess board is going for €600. Now, you are wondering: why are the DGT boards so expensive?

You are not alone. Here are some of the reasons why DGT boards require you to have a fat pocket to own one:

Lack Of a Competitor

No doubt, DGT is a monopoly maker of electronic chess boards. There are no worth competitors capable of offering these smart chessboards. As it would happen in any other field, lack of a worth competitor gives the manufacturer the power to determine the product’s price.

DGT has the power to decide how much a customer needs to pay for their e-boards. No worthy challenge can make such smart boards. Thus, they can decide to make the e-boards expensive or cheaper depending on the market demand and profit targets.

The Technology Used in The Devices

The DGT boards are a revolution in the chess world. These devices feature smart technology that make your chess gaming experience enjoyable. The smart board has sensory that record and transmit your moves. It also features LED lights that help you see your competitors move on the board. The pieces feature unique chips for electronic recognition.

Apart from this, it can connect via USB and Bluetooth. Also, it is customized to work with DGT pi. All these technological aspects make it worth the price. The tech in these e-boards is at the same level as that of other luxurious devices. So, it is worth the expensive price.

Features And Capabilities 

The features and capabilities in the DGT boards are the other reason why you need to pay more to get them. These boards feature smart elements such as smart sensors. It also can store and retrieve up to 500 moves allowing you to analyze your progress.

You can play online with face-to-face or virtual opponents. Plus, you can live broadcast your game or opt to play virtually with different computer software. As well, the boards have a high accuracy level. Its sensors can have a speed of 6 scans per second. So, you cannot expect a device with these features and capabilities to be cheap.

Quality Of the Construction  

The DGT boards manufacturer design it to last. They do not want you to buy a new e-board each year. For this reason, they use high-quality and durable material. To be precise, the company uses wood applied in making luxurious furniture such as rosewood. This type of wood is durable and immune from pests.

Also, the pieces combine wood and quality leather. The manufacturer sources them from reputable handcrafters. With the combination of such luxurious materials, you can expect to get them at a higher price.

Wrapping Up

Though it seems expensive, DGT boards are worth the price. The boards feature great technology, makeup material, features, and capability that will move your chess game to a higher note. Also, it is a luxury item. So, you can continue using the traditional board if you cannot raise the current price.