Why are Cloud-Based Servers So
Important for Social Media?

The world has come a long way since the first cloud-based solutions. Perhaps the most significant difference between cloud needs now, and cloud needs a decade ago is in terms of data consumption. From Ultra HD Netflix to complicated Internet of Things integrations, the world consumes far more data than it has ever done before. As a result, modern solutions are being developed for the very modern problem that social media companies face of having too much data to handle.

The Rise of Data Consumption

There has been a huge rise in the amount of data being consumed; in the last decade alone, reports have found a 500% rise in internet traffic. This rise in data consumption does not seem to be decreasing any time soon. In fact, studies have found that data usage has increased by 47% over the past year.

This rise in data consumption has meant that business and social media platforms have been forced to look for new ways to provide a high level of user experience to their customers. Think of all the pictures and videos that the average person shares on their social media. Now multiply that by 2 billion, in Facebook’s case.

The Importance of Servers

Before jumping straight into the importance of servers, it is first necessary to explain what a server actually does. A server is a type of computer that has been created to process user requests and data. An example of a server that most people have interacted with is an internet server. It is the web server that is responsible for showing pages and running applications on a web browser.

There are two main types of servers in use today: cloud-based servers and dedicated servers. A dedicated server is a physical server that is owned entirely by the business that is using it. A cloud server does not need to be owned by one company alone because a cloud server is not a physical piece of hardware, but rather it is supplied via the internet by the cloud hosting provider. Many cloud service providers are available in the market such as AWS, Azure, and Google cloud. Among all AWS is so popular because of its scalability and flexible compute options. To know how to use cloud servers effectively especially AWS by signing in Intellipaat AWS certification course.

POWER Servers

One of the most popular solutions that social media companies use is IBM’s POWER. POWER is a family of IT infrastructure that refers to several servers that have different functions – some even are integrated with Artificial Intelligence to increase efficiency as much as possible.

Servers are a big deal for social media companies, many of whom build their own programs on Linux-based systems, a system that is arguably more flexible than other OS’s but comes with less support from other products. Companies that develop their own Linux products often aren’t completely satisfied by POWER-based server systems.

As a result, companies like SUSE make specialized solutions that can support the applications that a company needs for its growth. The need for a distribution optimizer for POWER is almost universal – in fact, 95% of SAP HANA deployments on IBM Power run using SUSE’s Linux Enterprise Server. For more information about the Linux Enterprise Server, click here.

Whatever the solution, there is a lot of work that goes into making social media apps safe, reliable, and high-performance. When you have other people relying on you for communications and their whole digital social life, it’s so important to have the most reliable solution possible. That’s why there is a massive industry providing infrastructure that most app users don’t even realize exists.