What You Need to Know to Make Money on Affiliate Programs In 2023

Every year, more and more people use affiliate marketing – a tool for making money and promoting products and services. Along with this, the number of affiliate programs is also growing, so it becomes difficult to choose something specific. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize traffic. In this article, we will talk about common earning methods, types of advertising and criteria for choosing an affiliate program.

Affiliate MarketingWhat Is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program, or AP, is a platform for cooperation between partners (affiliates) and suppliers of products or services (advertisers). With the help of an AP, the seller can optimize the cost of attracting the end buyer, and affiliates are rewarded for attracting traffic. Affiliate programs for affiliates provide different payment methods: per click, target action after a click, impression, sale. Depending on the completed task, a certain amount of remuneration is paid.

The basic principle of working with an affiliate program is as follows:

  • On their site, the affiliate places an advertisement that generates a traffic flow to the advertiser’s site
  • A certain percentage of people who clicked on the link buy a product or service
  • The advertiser pays the affiliate a part of the amount for completed transactions

Ideas on Platforms for Making Money on Affiliate Programs in 2023

Commodity affiliate programs allow you to earn without your own website. This type of earning is called traffic affiliate marketing. The affiliate buys traffic at one price and resells it at a much higher price. This is a viable way to generate income, as it does not limit a person to one site or group in social networks but offers various options for obtaining traffic. The main goal of the affiliate is to ensure that the income is higher than the advertising costs.

It is necessary to distinguish between targeted and non-targeted traffic. Targeted traffic includes users who got to the site by a key request corresponding to the content of the site. Non-targeted traffic means visitors who accidentally got to the site and are not interested in the product. In affiliate programs, targeted traffic works best and can be attracted using the following sources:

  • banners
  • social networks
  • mobile apps
  • email newsletters
  • forums
  • articles
  • blogs

How to Make Money Online Without Your Own Website

Making money on affiliate programs is not the easiest or fastest way to get rich. But if you do quality work, the amount of income may exceed the average salary in your area. In general, earnings depend on several components:

  • Traffic volume. The more traffic is driven to the site, the more targeted transitions are performed, and hence the higher the probability of earning income is.
  • Traffic quality. Site visitors must be interested in the advertised products.
  • Average check amount, commission amount. The larger the check amount and the size of the advertiser’s commission, the more you can earn on their offer.
  • Product quality. If users know that this product is of low quality, they will not follow the link provided.

The affiliate receives a reward after the user completes the action set by the affiliate program. The diversity of requirements forces APs to come up with new payment models. These include rewards for paid order (CPS), cash on delivery (COD), generated order (CPO), lead (CPL), application installation (CPI), registration (SOI), trial (Trial). Most often, affiliate programs work by the model of payment for products on delivery. COD affiliates receive remuneration only if the client pays for the order directly at the post office.

Affiliate Programs Types of Product Ads in Affiliate Programs

Teasers are ads that prompt the user to go to the next advertisement. The teaser is presented in the form of an image and text below it, which together should encourage the user to click on the ad and go to another site. There are teaser APs that provide a library of images and links, which allows the affiliate to earn on traffic.

Banners are small advertisements that attract users with a headline, text and picture. The goal of banner ads is to get clicks from interested users. Affiliates and partners are interested in targeted traffic, so it is necessary to create catchy ads that will attract the attention of the right audience segment.

Search forms are transitions from search engines to the site considered to be organic traffic. It is important that the site is at least on the first page of search results to attract the maximum number of users.

Affiliate links are an important part of promoting a product or service in affiliate marketing. Each affiliate receives a unique URL used in the selected traffic source. Thus, the COD affiliate network can track which affiliate the client came from and pay them a reward.

Widgets are small graphical applications embedded in a web page or browser that display certain information on the screen. With them, you can collect data about users on the site, while not loading them with unnecessary information.

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Program?

The effectiveness of the affiliate depends on the choice of an affiliate program. Consider all available AP options and compare them according to the following criteria:

  • Online reviews. Google information about the affiliate program, browse forums and sites with reviews. There you will find more truthful information about working with a particular affiliate program
  • Payment amount. Calculate in advance the profit when working with a particular AP. Read the entire policy and check with the manager if the affiliate program has any notes by which it can adjust payments to affiliates
  • Integrity and reputation of the affiliate program. You can test a specific affiliate program, but direct at least some of the traffic to those that have been tested by time
  • Professionalism and loyalty of the support service. Ask them about something related to AP and evaluate the speed and adequacy of the answer
  • The design of the pages that the referred user lands on. Pages should have a nice design and contain all the necessary information so that the user can easily complete the target action
  • Availability of the products, tools, and information you need. With the wide functionality offered by the AP, you will have more chances to earn