What To Research Before Investing

You can’t make investments without doing a large amount of research first. Research is a crucial part of the investment process and is what separates it from blind speculation. You need to put serious effort into researching your potential investment because this is your money that you are spending. There are various aspects that you need to research when investing.

Company History

Before you make any investments, it is essential that you look deeply into the company’s history. You need to know how they have performed in the past and how sensible an investment they are. Find their annual report and pore through it. See how well they have weathered economic storms before. Have they been involved in any scandals? Are they prone to sudden mishap? Are they well run? Have they released any well-received products or run any successful advertisement campaigns recently? Do they look like a safe investment? You need to be able to answer all of these questions.


Both market and company growth forecasts are important to keep an eye on. Of course, forecasts are not guaranteed but they do give you some insight into the future. Forecasts, themselves, have an impact because they can make investors take action, depending on their outlook. For example, bulls might decide to buy up stock in a company that has previously performed badly but is now posting hopeful growth forecast figures.

Expert Analysis

You can get expert analysis from qualified market analysts and from reading high-quality platforms that offer expert insight. You can meet with analysts in person or you can use the internet to get information and talk to them. The Hammerstone Group is a great way to get useful tips and market insight to help make smarter investments.

Fees and Commission

When making any investment, it is important that you understand just how much you will be paying in commission and fees. You need to do some research into this before you make the investment, because it can make a large difference to how much profit you make. There is a variety of fees that you could pay, including ETF fees, RRSP fees, RRIF fees and mutual fund fees.News and Current Events

Share prices can be hugely affected by news stories and current events, which could be anything from elections and new government policies to an industry leader making layoffs or a new product that is generating hype. You have to make sure that you are keeping up to date with all events that could affect your industry and markets. This includes industry, national, regional and global news. Use apps such as the Washington Post app to keep up with general news, as well as following industry-specific publications to get more specific news.

You have to spend time on research. Investing is a long-term way of making money but you have to be smart about it. Just as you have to research your arguments and the evidence when writing an essay, you have to make sure you do thorough research when making investments.