What to Look for in the
Best Medical Policy in India

The diverse effects of the pandemic over more than a year have led to an increased focus on health and well-being. These long-lasting effects have also heightened the importance of a sound and reliable medical policy. With healthcare requirements consistently increasing, along with their sky-rocketing prices, a medical policy is nothing less than a necessary safety net to protect you against a myriad of medical expenses that may arise.

Since there is a wide variety of companies offering individuals medical health insurance policies in India, picking a suitable option in accordance to one’s needs can be a daunting task. Every medical policy is unique in terms of features like coverage, settlement, and renewability. A purchase decision will be a desirable one if each of the options is inspected from different angles. Here are a few factors to keep in mind when researching for the best medical policy in India.

Claim Process

The simpler the claims process – and faster the settlement of claims – the more beneficial it is for the insured. In the case of a medical emergency, no individual would not want to be subjected to tedious and exhaustive claims processes that become an additional burden. Therefore, a hassle-free process is a key factor to consider when finding the best medical policy in India.

Maternity Benefits

The cost of pregnancy support is a hefty one yet should never be compromised. This is why one should always consider maternity benefits when gauging different options. Essential features to look out for include – applicable waiting period, the sub-limit, outpatient expenses, and any exclusions.

Network of Hospitals

Research is an essential component of the process of picking the best medical policy in India. It is critical to check the network of hospitals of the respective insurance policies. Ensuring whether these hospitals are cashless is also a key element to watch out for – this facilitates a smooth process between the insured, insurer, and hospital at the time of settlement of payment. The quantity and quality of hospitals in an insurance company’s network is also a steady indicator of their policies’ reliability and safety.

Coverage Options

Analyzing the different medical policies’ distinct components is one of the many unavoidable steps in the research process. Compare the different plans and their benefits with the definite needs of every family member to pinpoint the best medical policy in India, as per one’s needs. However, it is advisable to not compromise on your needs to save money as that may defeat the policy’s purpose.


Assessing a health insurance plan that includes lifelong renewability will help guarantee reliable coverage for a sustained period. Especially with the inflation of healthcare services, it is ideal to pick a plan that will provide lifetime renewability.

Annual Checkups

Several medical policies offer an annual health checkup as a part of their plan. These checkups are a great way to keep a tab on one’s health since underlying conditions may not indicate any clear symptoms in their initial phases. Preventive actions are always recommended over-reactive actions.

Claim Settlement Ratio

A medical insurance provider with a high claim settlement ratio is regarded as highly efficient in settling claims. Therefore, selecting an insurer with a good CSR helps alleviate doubts about a valid claim being turned down. Additionally, one must check whether the insurer also settles cashless claims. Cashless claims are a desirable option in the case of paying off exorbitant bills at the time of emergency.

Choosing the best medical policy in India at first may seem like a complex and intricate process, however, keeping in mind these guidelines will ensure a reliable and safe outcome. You can start your journey by going online and assessing Care Health Insurance – an insurance company offering flexible, customizable, and value-adding medical policies.