What To Include In Your SEO Reports

What to Include in Your SEO Reports

For those of you who are not familiar with this term, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These reports give a complete analysis of how well a website is doing. They mainly focus on organic traffics, domain metrics, and rankings. It benefits the owner of the website as well as the clients. The reports can help the clients to improve the site’s presence on the web by making it easier to be found. It is focused on being more accessible to the optimal target audience. Also, usability and user experience can be improved with the assistance of these reports.When using the internet to search for something, people tend to look at the first few pages. If they did not find what they were looking for, they would undoubtedly change the keyword. They will not bother searching on the other pages of results. So, that is why it is essential for the client’s site to be in the first few pages. For their site to be first on the search engines is a bit tricky since many factors contribute to this situation but with the help of SEO Reporting, the website can reach the top of the search results.

Clear Objective

The first thing you should do is talk with your client about what their main objective is. You should know what goal they have, so you can focus on realizing their dream. Sometimes clients have very romantic ideas about the period it takes for a site to be successful. They become quite impatient if they do not see any progress in traffic or accessibility. The truth is that sometimes it takes a lot of time for this to happen. They will be sad to hear that some changes will take up to 6 months to be satisfactory.

However, this is where you come in. You should keep a close eye on this. You can present any observations you may have noticed and tell them to your client. Maybe some opportunities will come up, and that can please your client. Do not be discouraged if you encounter some bad data. Look at it as a chance to improve.Precise Information

When a client looks at a report, it can be overwhelming. There is so much information, bright colors, graphs and charts. So, it is essential for the information to be clearly and precisely stated to avoid any confusion. When making a report, be sure the most crucial data is easily accessible. They expect to see great results, making their effort and investment worth it.

Data is often presented on the dashboard. They are the ideal summary of the reports. They will show you a clear and overall representation of your investments. The dashboard can be modified to show monthly or annual growth. This all depends on the clients’ choice. It can display data to see which articles are being preferred by the readers as well as where are they from.

It does not hurt for you to explain some of your findings to your client. They can quickly get confused and overwhelmed. Sometimes they may not even say that something is unclear to them. So, it is best for you to get ahead of the problem and state your findings.

Annual and Monthly Growth

Clients will most likely be impatient to see an increase in traffic. An excellent monthly report will give them a clear picture that there is a constant growth of users throughout the whole year. That way, they will be satisfied. They won’t have to wait an entire year to go by just to see some results.

Some businesses set their overall budgets annually. That is why you should be able to do annual reports as well. They need to see that your efforts in increasing the traffic of the site are successful. They will probably want to know where the site is ranked. If they notice a considerable improvement, they will certainly boost the budget for the year to come.

Total Work

It would be helpful for an SEO report to have an overall work estimate. That way it will be handy for your client to see what amount of work has been done previously. They can see what has been completed and can move forward and focus on other things. So, be sure to make a detailed report. You could also use clickable links wherever you can.

Growth on Social Media

Nowadays, everything is done on social media. Whether you need to ask your boss for a day off or plan a trip, you do it through social media. Sometimes, when you see a picture somebody took on a vacation, you surely want to go in that same place. So, it is will absolutely do you no harm for your site to get some acclamations on social media sites. That way, your website will gain wider exposure and more users. Your client will be happy to hear how many comments and likes their site will increase.

Next Steps

After you have collected and demonstrated all of your statistics, it is essential to talk about the next steps. You should ask your client to tell you their expectations and plans for the future. When they notice positive reports, they will definitely contact you again. That way, they can continue their growth. You could always give some advice about what path they should take to reach their goal.