What To Consider When Starting Up Your First Email Marketing Campaign

What To Consider When Starting Up Your First
Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are really one of a kind, helping you to reach a wider audience than ever before. With this opportunity not to be missed, it’s important to carry out your first email marketing campaign as effectively as possible. Due to being content marketing agency essex experts, we’re sharing some of our top tips to help you get started below.

Image by talha khalil from Pixabay
Campaign Objectives

When starting up your first email marketing campaign, you first need to consider your objectives and what you want to achieve. This will help you to determine how you can utilize the marketing channels to achieve your business goals. When considering your campaign objectives, it’s important to identify the best days and times to send your email, as this may vary depending on your targeting audience. In some cases, identifying the best day and time(s) to send your email campaign may require a bit of trial and error.

Create Your Email

Once you have completed your target audience reach and created your email list, the next element you need to take into careful consideration is the design of your email. This includes the content that will be included in your send which will ultimately determine the success of your first email marketing campaign. To make sure that you make a good first impression you need to write a strong subject line and an attention-grabbing headline that will encourage people to read on. If you are selling a service, be sure to explain the benefits of your offer to your target audience. Keeping your email marketing campaign short, sweet and simple is the best way to engage your target audience!

Images Are Everything

Imagery plays a big part in any email marketing campaign, meaning that you want to make sure that you devise a good balance between imagery and copy. Depending on your target audience, you may decide to include more than one image. When doing do, be sure that the email campaign still looks visually appealing even if images are disabled. This will help to ensure that the main message behind your email marketing campaign doesn’t get missed.

If you want to deliver a quick message, video may be the best option for you. This is because people often respond more positively to a product or service after watching a video on it. In addition to this, one of the major benefits of video email marketing is its ability to improve your Google search ranking, so it’s a win-win for many!

Measure Its Success

Whilst it’s easy enough to send an email marketing campaign, you will never understand its true impact unless you measure its success right from the get-go. Whilst your key performance indicators (KPIs) may differ depending on your product or service, some of the key success metrics remain the similar if not the same. This often includes the total number of orders name, total number of sign ups, open rate (OR), click-through rate (CTR) and total number of downloads.

Before sending your first email marketing campaigns, it’s important to keep all the above tips in mind. This will help to set up your email marketing campaign success, driving your business further in the right direction. If you haven’t already invested in email marketing for your business, there is no better time than now!