Website Development Trends That Can
Help You Grow Your Business

very business these days, no matter what you are selling needs to have a good website. Without a highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and engaging online page, your business will not succeed. As a business owner, you should be up to speed with the latest website development trends so that you can take advantage of improvements. This article aims to catch you up on the most recent website development trends that can help grow your business.

Coding Improvements

Back in the day, most websites were coded with HTML. Although this language is very functional it is now quite outdated and would struggle to produce what many would consider a modern website. PHP has quickly become the go-to language to use in web development as it comes with many built libraries for commonly required website designs. Popularity in this is that language has risen so much that there are many PHP development services available to help you build the website you have always dreamed of. Improvements in coding languages happen all the time and this is one of the biggest trends that you can use to your advantage and help grow your business.

Progressive Web Apps

What is considered a progressive web app? This would be where your website resembles a mobile application rather than a traditional website. Surveys have shown that 80% of the time spent on devices is on apps, rather than just browsing the web. Alongside the aesthetic appeal, you can also integrate more app-based functionality, like push notifications and even offline access. Taking advantage of the capabilities of progressive web apps will help you stay on trend and grow your business.

Improved Mobile Page

Long gone are the days of mobile pages being clunky and unusable. Many websites are now built with mobile users as their primary concern. This is because users tend to search through their handheld devices rather than on laptops. The biggest improvement of late is what is known as accelerated mobile pages. These are websites that employ some clever Google code to allow their websites to load in two seconds on average. This is compared to an average of 22 seconds for non-accelerated mobile pages. Having a quick loading mobile page also will boost your rankings in Google’s search engine as they prefer faster loading websites to slower ones. This is a quick and easy win for your business!

Optimization For Voice Searches

With the increase in ‘smart’ technology, voice search requests are becoming more and more frequent. As a business owner, you cannot afford to overlook the fact that if you are not findable through a voice search function then you might be missing out on sales. There are some common APIs that you can employ in your website design to make your products appear in voice searches. Voice search integration is only going to increase over time so it would be best to stay ahead of this trend and make sure your website is as optimized for it as possible. This will also help with your SEO ranking too. Optimizing your website for voices searches is going to keep you ahead of the pack and help to grow your business enormously.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are traditionally what mobile apps use to prompt users to open their app. These often come in the form of notifications of a new email, a promotional offer, or a recent transaction. Nowadays you can activate push notifications from your website as well. This means that users will get prompts when they open a web browser for any updates to your site. This is similar to the older RSS feeds you used to be able to sign up for. The benefit of push notifications rather than mailing lists is that users can sign up without needing to put in any information. It is also instantaneous and makes accessing your website that bit faster. In terms of growing your business using push notifications increases marketing opportunities and will inevitably help grow your business.

AI Chat Bots

Every business wants to be able to offer excellent customer service with minimal cost. Having a call center team or an army of online chat workers is expensive and hard to manage. Many customers also want 24/7 service which would make having real people even more expensive. Artificial intelligence has come on a long way in recent years and has become a lot more accessible to the average business. Many companies will offer a tailored chat service to your business needs that will be able to answer the most frequently asked questions with ease. These systems are very clever and cost-effective to implement. The other great benefit is that they will learn over time and get better at answering specific questions. Taking advantage of AI chatbots to deal with the bulk of your customer service request is a really smart move for your business.

Motion User Interface

The dream is to have a website that is simple, elegant, and highly functional. You will have seen those websites that just work and essentially perfect down to a tee. They just flow, navigation is seamless and fluid. Most likely you will have thought that designing a website like that would cost you lots and lots of money. Well, in times gone by it would have. However, these days motion user interface has become a lot more accessible. There are simple Javascript frameworks that you can use to build your site and make it super sleek. Taking advantage of Motion UI is going to help take your business’s website to the next level.

Develop and Grow

Website development is tough and with the rate of change being so high, it can be really hard to maintain a modern website. To be constantly ahead of the trends takes a lot of work but will be invaluable to your business growth. As soon as a company appears to be stuck in the past, customers will start looking elsewhere. You need to be taking advantage of every new development available to ensure that your website is future-proof. This will also help increase your sales and grow your business.