Want to Reduce eBay Selling Fees?
Here’s How…

Want to succeed on eBay? Any seller would want that. eBay is one of the largest marketplaces for online selling. It boasts millions of listings, buyers, and is also easy to use.

With that, succeeding on that platform is a matter of profit. And that includes minimizing the fees you pay. Below, we’ll help you with that. We’ll show you to improve your profit margin and beat the competition!

eBay Selling Fees

Most business models require you to spend money to earn money. Amazon and Walmart are such examples. eBay follows suit too.

To list items, you’re paying. And most of the charges are going towards:

Insertion Fees

Alternatively known as listing fees, you pay those when creating or relisting items on eBay whether a sale occurs or not.

Insertion fees are based on the item category. Basically, a seller gets 50 free listings a month. Exceeding that is when insertion fees kick in, costing $0.35 a listing.

Monthly Fees

eBay grants sellers multiple subscription options (6 in total) – with each having its monthly fees and selling benefits.

The subscription that matches your store is based on the value and volume of items you sell.

Final Value Fees

Those are charged after a sale. Fees are defined as a % of total sales value. That’ll include shipping plus handling charges while excluding sales taxes.

Final value fees for most categories are at 10% – with $750 maximum charged. Some categories do have exceptions.

Listing Upgrades Fee

After creating an eBay listing, you can choose to make it stand out. You can add and pay for extra features for a noticeable graphic effect.

Being optional, sellers fully control the cost of this fee category.

Reducing Your Seller Fees

Your selling fees can add up fast. Those don’t include marketing, advertising, and listing templates costs.

Now, while negotiating directly with eBay isn’t possible, there are techniques you can follow to drop your eBay final fees.

Those include:

Becoming a Top-Rated Seller

Top-rated sellers get 10% discounts on their final value fee.

Getting a Yearly Subscription

Also known as the annual subscription, it’s a fast way to drop your monthly fees.

This may be daunting for many who aren’t willing to commit a full year towards testing their business success. But, doing so is cheaper, and gives you a patient mindset that’ll drive your business forward.

Get a Subscription that Reduces Final Value Fees

When switching from a Basic to an Enterprise package, sellers pay less final values, amounting from 4% to 9% depending on the category.

You can drop your fees even more by offering a Fast N’ Free shipment option. This’ll eliminate shipping costs from final value calculations.

Put Your Insertion Fees at ZERO

eBay offers up to 6 different subscription options. You can drastically drop your insertion fees based on what you choose.

While getting the least expensive option is the go-to for many, we don’t think it’s worthwhile.

The larger packages are best in the long run. In fact, if your business sells in high volumes, you’ll find it more fitting.

For example, starter sellers listing 250 items monthly pay:

  • $5 for subscription fees
  • $52.50 as insertion fees

Alternatively, a basic seller pays $22 for a subscription, while paying no insertion commissions on 250 items.