Want to Raise Your Google Quality Score? Shun the ‘Set it & Forget’ Mindset (Video)

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Want to Raise Your Google Quality Score?  Shun the ‘Set it & Forget’ Mindset (Video)


Paid Search is not “Set It & Forget It” media. If you want optimal results from paid search, you must build fundamentally sound campaigns, monitor their progress at every opportunity and continually tweak, tweak, tweak. Discipline is the way to win. And how can you win anything if you don’t maximize your scoring power? That’s the reason Google calls its relevancy metric “Quality Score.” The higher your ad scores, the higher your ad ranks in every search auction. The higher your ad ranks, the more likely clicks will become sales. In other words, a high score increases your likelihood of winning business through paid search campaigns.

Join Kurt Anagnostopoulos, paid search veteran and co-founder of digital marketing agency KeywordFirst, to learn the 5 most important factors of Quality Score – and 3 ways to influence them.

Presenter: Kurt Anagnostopoulos

About Kurt Anagnostopoulos

Kurt Anagnostopoulos has worked in the digital marketing space since the late 90’s. Before co-founding the digital marketing agency KeywordFirst, Kurt held executive positions in internet marketing and e-commerce for W.W. Grainger and SMG Search, a division of Starcom MediaVest Group.