Vital Errors Startups Make With A New Website

Vital Errors Startups Make With A New Website

It’s so easy to go wrong when sorting out a website for your new startup. You need to make sure you’re doing everything right and utilizing the site effectively. Here are some vital errors startups make when launching and building a new website:


Not Including Contact Details

You need to be making sure you put your contact details on your site if you want to have further communication with potential clients. Of course, you shouldn’t put your mobile number on there, but a clear email address is vital if you want them to contact you. You can also put the business address if you’re happy for them to potentially come and meet you in your office. Many businesses forget to put a clear call to action on their site, and they end up losing potential business opportunities. Don’t overdo it however and put it on every page.

Not Allowing Customers To Leave Feedback

Another vital error startups make with their new website is not letting their customers leave feedback easily. Make sure you leave space for them to make comments, or you won’t get to know what they think about your business or your products. You should always leave a comments box at the end of any content so it gives them the opportunity to ask questions. If you get any good testimonials, you can add them to an extra page on your site to help draw in business.


Another vital error that startups make is not planning how they are going to promote their site before launching. You need a plan of action about how you’ll get people to visit your site. You may want to work with a search engine optimization company that will ensure your website is found when people search on sites such as Google. It’s a great way to increase traffic to your site over a long term period. If you don’t have some form of SEO, your website will be very difficult to be found, and you won’t generate much revenue.

Not Having A Branded Domain

Another mistake startups make when they launch a new website is not getting their own domain name. It makes it easier for people to find you and it looks much more professional to clients. Make sure you think of a good name and it’s something easy that people will remember. As we talked about before, there are many sites where you can buy a domain for a small monthly or annual cost.

Not Tracking Results

Another error that startups make is not tracking the results of their site. You should be checking what traffic your content is generating and where it’s coming from so that you know to repeat this again. You can easily use Google Analytics to keep track on what’s happening with your site’s traffic. Tracking the results will make sure you’re not repeating mistakes, and will help you identify where you can improve the site in the future.