Visionary Business Leaders Offer Tools For A More Vibrant, Sustainable & Prosperous Way To Work & Thrive In The 21st Century

Visionary Business Leaders Offer Tools For A More Vibrant, Sustainable & Prosperous Way To Work & Thrive In The 21st Century

A leadership void now threatens the lives and livelihood of millions of people and their employers, on a global scale. Authors Whitney Vosburgh and Charlie Grantham have risen to the occasion and offer a new “GPS” (Global Purpose System) that responds to this challenge. They share their strategic vision for creating transformative change in their two new Work The Future! Today books and ‘Be Your Own Leader’ workshops.

In response to the growing realization that the “Profit First” model of doing business (our old “GPS”) is rapidly becoming obsolete, the authors provide readers with a systemic approach to work and the art of doing business in the 21st century. Work The Future! Today: Finding your path to purpose, passion and profit and the accompanying workbook, Work The Future! Today 2019 Pocket Pal: A faster path to purpose, passion and profit are now available as guides for this journey forward. The books’ co-authors draw on their decades of leadership experience in consulting, academia and research in the fields of marketing, organizational design and R&D. Vosburgh and Grantham argue that the people, organizations and systems that are “the ablest”—capable of transforming in this ever-changing world—are the ones that will survive and thrive. In addition, the authors emphasize, they must lead with purpose and value.

In these revolutionary books, Vosburgh and Grantham offer a new approach to business, one that responds to the need of millions looking for greater meaning in their work as well as employers’ call for a strong Human Resources brand that will attract and retain key employees in this tight labor market. Based on their vast experience, which ranges from Fortune 20 companies to think tanks to Silicon Valley startups, the authors assert that the world needs a new Operating System—and a new approach to the definition of work itself—because the old one isn’t working and is rapidly becoming obsolete. What’s needed now, they say, is a new Global Purpose System to raise us from the old bottom line to the new—and in these two transformational books, they share this uplifting vision in great detail.

In a radical shift of the way we look at the very nature of work, Vosburgh and Grantham show readers the only way across the chasm that separates the Old Story—the “Profit First” model that has led to excessive exploitation of natural resources and of our fellow human beings—to a new, empowering future is to embrace the New Story of Purpose First. It recognizes that we are all looking for Purpose and meaning in our work and in our lives. They note that, after hundreds of years of approaching business in the same way—putting an emphasis on materialism and maximizing returns for shareholders— there is now an evolutionary shift underway as millions of stakeholders seek to make a lasting and positive impact in our communities and in the world.Inspired and informed by their two books, the new ‘Be Your Own Leader: Become the leader you always wanted’ workshop program is designed for people of all ages as they are all striving to become and stay relevant. The first workshop offered is for today’s undergraduate and graduate students, and the needs of their parents, college counselors and career advisors. Led by Whitney Vosburgh, this intensive workshop will support participants in discovering their unique gifts in work and in life. It will introduce them to a new way of giving and gaining maximum value from all they have learned and experienced in their lives to date, including all their schooling, work, and volunteer service, as well as increasing their potential wellness and well-being. There will be an emphasis on how they may best search for and share their unique gifts (their value proposition), and search for those who would most benefit from them (their key stakeholders) and how best to serve them (maximize value).

It’s time to change: after all, no planet, no people.
And no people, no profits.

The authors’ excitement about a new future—and a New Story—is palpable, and they remind readers that we need new strategies, stories and symbols for this journey. Equipped with the new Work The Future! Today 2019 Pocket Pal companion workbook, those eager to break with the chaos of the present and embrace an empowering new future will have a roadmap for that exciting journey.

Vosburgh and Grantham encourage us all to be leaders in this quest. “A core action for future leaders,” they write, “will be leading the process of transformation, which is applied creativity that makes a long term positive and irreversible difference guided by the vision of shared purpose.” All people will be called upon to be their own leaders by finding and following their own lead.


Whitney Vosburgh and Dr. Charles Grantham are co-founders of ‘Work The Future! Today