Video Production for Advertising:
Be a Small Biz Viral Video Whiz

Video Production for Advertising: Be a Small Biz Viral Video Whiz
by Michael Walsh

Viral videos have had us reeling since the first day YouTube exploded on the Internet, and digital video popularity continues to dominate. EMarketer forecasts that online spending for video advertisement will increase from 7.9 percent to 14.5 percent within four years. For the small-business owner, hopeful filmmaker or budding entrepreneur, this means that crafting a clever video could be integral in increasing brand awareness and profitable cash flow. Of course, creating your viral video is only half the battle. Social media know-how is just as important as an iron-clad idea. If you build it, they may not necessarily come, unless you know how to promote yourself on social media.

Create Significant Content

The good news is that you don’t have to be a Hollywood film director and producer to make an entertaining, well-crafted video. Yes, a 140-million-dollar budget can make your video dreams more easily attainable, but as long as your content is original and relevant, your video stands a chance for success. All of the expensive explosions in the world can’t make up for unique content. To make a great video that markets your business, become familiar with your audience and write a remarkable script. Research your target market on the Web— including trends, online habits and where they spend time on the Internet.

Make a Social Plan

When you’ve spent some time on sites like Quantcast and Alexa learning about trends that your audience may be interested in, and you’ve written your script and made a general outline for how you’ll film it, it’s time to start drafting a social outreach plan. Sites like, Forbes and Adweek have excellent ideas for social media growth, depending on the genre of your outreach.

Shoot Like a Pro

The cinematography of your video is just as invaluable as its content. Filming with a 1080p True HD camera and professional shoot kit provides your video with effortless credibility. You’ll also need lighting equipment, a steadicam and glidetrack. With a correctly lit scene, steady shot and seamlessly moving camera, your video will appear as if it was filmed by the pros. Research proper lighting and shooting techniques. Studying online, reading books or consulting an expert couldn’t hurt either.

Keep Up with Technology

Forgo the high expenses of using advanced CGI and focus on slick and modern graphics. Similar to your superior quality content and shooting techniques, badly executed graphics detracts from your video’s message and loses the attention of your audience. Emulate sports telecast and newscast videos as well as high-profile examples of expertly done graphics. You don’t need a dancing robotic football player to help display information, but you do need a clean professional look. Keep in mind that the corporate world is abandoning Flash and WMV video in favor of the mp4 format. This format, unlike Flash and WMV, can be seen almost anywhere—thereby broadening your audience.

Producing an advertising and marketing video for your business is the equivalent to creating a first impression that reflects your brand, mission and credibility. Using all of your resources is worthwhile, and your business won’t be viewed as a bunch of amateurs. If it’s done correctly, your business will be perceived as competent and positive. You don’t have to be a world-class director to get the results you desire. Focus on your content, video quality and technologically advanced methods to produce an exceptional film that will brand, market and grow your business.

Michael Walsh is a lover of music, film and video. He prides himself on staying on top of today’s hottest trends.