Using Social Media To Market Your Subscription Box

Using Social Media To Market Your Subscription Box

There’s no denying that online shopping has become a regular part of many consumer spending profiles around the globe, and this lively young market is growing at a fast pace. Internet shopping conveniently delivers the goods we need, without the bother of navigating busy stores and long lines. Convenience is indeed king. As with any other industry, online retail pioneers are constantly looking to push boundaries and extend their reach, a recent good example of this being the rapid growth of subscription box services.

Why Are Subscription Boxes So Popular?

Imagine a life without thwarted caffeine fixes because the coffee bean order was forgotten, or how much easier it is to snack healthy when a selection of pre-packaged goodies arrive at your office desk without fail every week. Subscription boxes go beyond food and drink too, with everything from beauty products and books to lingerie and craft kits up for grabs. Most containing an element of ‘lucky dip’. Overall, they offer a heady mix of ongoing convenience with the thrill of surprise the high street shopping experience once provided.

Social Media Is The Secret To Success

According to experts at Hitwise, hits on USA based subscription box sites have increased by nearly three thousand percent since 2013, so the potential for a slice of the pie is huge. Unfortunately, pre-launch market research and an amazing product can only take you so far. Real success depends on your target customer base knowing you exist, and the best way to make that happen is by making the most of social media.

Choosing The Best Social Media Option

There are dozens of social media platforms around, and learning which your potential audience favors, or which best suits your product is vital for the best results. Text based options such as Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs are great for general promotion, and identifying the influential players in the blog world can lead to added positive exposure. Image based sites like Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram work best with visually appealing products such as the treat boxes from Graze, or the vaping e-liquid boxes sells.

Add Value To People’s Lives

Successful social media marketing techniques add something extra to the already promised convenience and excitement of a subscription box. Consider offering regular discounts, special offers, promotions based on social media information sharing and even gift certificates to snag attention and build a loyal customer base.

Devote Attention

Give your chosen sites regular attention. Be prepared to interact and answer questions, as forging great relationships is crucial to long term success. Remember to monitor analytics from all sites too, so you can see what works best for you. For added inspiration, take a look at what competitors are doing, and note the types of posts which lead to interaction. With some research and planning, you can easily make social media platforms into the ultimate marketplace for your subscription boxes, and see your business soar.