Using A Creative Agency To Your Business’s Advantage

Using A Creative Agency To Your Business’s Advantage

You obviously have to pay your bills and you will depend mostly on profits to get started. Your work should prove your worth by being able to charge your prices well. This article will help you get over your doubts and consequently show your clients the importance of using a creative agency. You can carry out recruitment and employee management with significant ease using an agency.


Basically, a creative agency recruits better skilled and talented individuals. Your duty is to only provide your employees with the favorable conditions to run projects with minimum distractions and furthermore help them establish their talents. You only have to deal with your people. You don’t have to worry about clients being selective on creative employees and stuffing them with regular and new jobs.


Though creatives do not like being managed, when this is done well, it produces unique outcomes. Understanding your employees as well as what motivates them is the fundamental step to managing such creatives. By employing mentorship programs and other motivational activities, you could command strong results. When clients hire your creative agency, they don’t have to be stressed about managing a whole lot of ambitious individuals who have their total focus on their abilities. Most clients prefer loyalty to the company rather than the skills.


Though most agencies believe that since they have the best processes, they can dominate the competitive market, they’re wrong. Remember that all agencies have similar processes and your thought may only serve to keep your clients off. Clients don’t have any process at all and understand little about it. Clients are not well conversant with such processes and cannot for example spot a pitfall from far and take the necessary course of action. You’re better informed about the running and completion of the project. Moreover, you can benefit financially from the use of a creative agency.

Replacement Value

Hiring a creative agency in Melbourne per hour might look quite expensive compared to a full-time employee. It is important however to let your clients know that this is an hourly rate, but on a full-time basis. A creative agency is far cheaper. At a rate of about 3.5x more than the salaries of their employees, most prolific agencies charge their clients. When carefully managed, an agency can generate a projected margin of about 10% to 15%.

It’s true that employees spend about 42% of their time working on billable projects and not 100%. For your clients, it would be even worse letting their in-house employees work on the project. Employees have other duties like administrative and operations to run, thus making the project quite hard to be accomplished and on time. In addition, your client does not need to spend resources on recruiting and training individuals who will only be laid off immediately once the project is completed. Instead the client only pays an agency as soon as the project is done.

The power of a marketing agency is amazing whether you’re just starting a new business or launching a new product, the results you will get will be amazing. The aim of a creative agency is to help companies take products or services to their customers. Put simply, the marketing agency will ease the process of advertising that is critical for any business.