How To Use Social Media To Boost Your SEO Campaign

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO Campaign

I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but, there’s a good reason that I sing the same tune with every intro: it’s the truth.

We are always looking for new ways to make our lives easier and more productive. The internet is the greatest invention of modern history for the sole reason that it allows us to further improve our main strength—information sharing.

And information, too, is the life blood of any marketing campaign. How else will you be made aware of the existence of a particular brand, product, or even, website, if not through the sharing of information?

And well, if there’s one thing that almost everyone and their mother has, it’s a social media account. And based on that fact, can it, then, be said that social media platforms are some of the best platforms to share your information? And, while one of the best ways to boost your SEO campaign is to work with some of the companies found at, the following are some of the best ways to utilize your social media to boost your SEO campaign.

Increase Referral Traffic

With the premise that majority of people are on social media, it can, then be said that, if you’re able to post great content on your social media page, you are bound to direct traffic to your website. That grants your website an increase in better organic search rankings.

Increased Website Visibility

Again, calling on the fact that majority of people have social media sites, the Google search engine is bound to show your business’ social media page alongside your business’ official website. This means that those who search for either your website or your social page is bound to find the other.

Brand Loyalty

Once again, a great social media post is going to attract traffic to your website, but, according to a recent online survey, about 53% of Americans are a more loyal to brands that they follow on social media.

Which makes sense because as they browse their social media feed, they’re going to see the social pages of the brands that they follow. This acts as a constant reminder of the brands that they like, and they are also kept updated on the latest products and news.

Higher Conversion Rates

All of your social media content is bound to attract website visitors when you also leave a link to your website. What’s more is that each reaction (to your social media content) is bound to spark a conversation. Great content is going to keep your audience coming back for more because they find value in what you’re creating.

So, as you see, social media is more than just a platform to crowdsource each other’s self-esteem. It’s more than just a mutual admiration club where the membership is free. When used properly, like any tool, it can help build empires, on in your case, a booming business. Social media is a must investment for brands and for businesses.