How To Use Online Quizzes In Your Social Media Strategy

How To Use Online Quizzes In Your Social Media Strategy
By Casey Hawkins

Pop quizzes are usually associated with dread and bad memories from school, but they might be just what your social media platform needs to give it an edge in a world where companies are constantly fighting for attention online. You might assume that taking quizzes would be the last thing people want to do when surfing the web, but they can be a fun, efficient way for people to learn more about your brand. It’s easy to create a quiz that is engaging and keeps the user’s attention, and you might just change their perception that quizzes can’t be fun.

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Typeform has an online quiz generator that can create any type of quiz to fit your needs. Given that people do not typically linger on a piece of online content for more than a few seconds, it gives you the tools to create quizzes that are simple, but also visually appealing. Questions are asked one at a time so that users don’t feel overwhelmed, and each quiz can be supplemented with images, GIFs, or videos to keep things interesting. Additionally, there are a number of different themes and templates to choose from so that you can tailor the look of your quiz to your specific brand.

Many companies might choose to create quizzes about their own histories, especially if they are long established ones, but if you’re a relatively unknown company, a good strategy is to create a quiz about auxiliary things that tie directly into your brand. For example, if you’re an up and coming entertainment company, you might make a quiz about pop culture. Or, if you specialize in sports, your first quiz could be about sports trivia. Every company has a trait or idea that can be adopted to a quiz format.

Typeform also gives you the ability to retain interest from users even after the quiz is over. Each quiz comes with a customizable thank you screen that allows you to write personalized messages for different responses and results. Not only does this leave a lasting impression, but it also gives users the chance to share the quiz with their friends and coworkers. If you’re able to create an entertaining quiz, this could be a good way to quickly spread awareness about your brand across various social media platforms as opposed to coming up with creative tweets or tag lines.

Even if your quizzes don’t generate as much lasting interest as you would like, Typeform uses Google Analytics to allow you to track how many users are taking them and which demographics they come from, so you can get an idea of who your brand is appealing to and how you might want to change your marketing strategy in the future. Users can take quizzes with whichever platform they prefer, as they are adaptable across desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Quizzes might not typically come to mind as a marketing strategy, but their interactivity makes them effective at breaking the tedium of reading and scrolling, and the innovations provided by Typeform might be what you need to stand out on your social media platforms.